D&D General WotC Asks What Makes YOU Play Dungeons and Dragons?

WotC has a new survey asking about what you want from D&D -- "Extra extra! The D&D team wants to know what makes YOU play Dungeons & Dragons! The open world? Character customization? Shared storytelling with friends? Iconic art? Take our survey and help shape the future of what we're working on at Wzards. Please share to help us spread the word and hear from more fans."



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Victoria Rules
At 90% completion they asked me my age. I told them 52 and boom survey complete, lol.
I hope this doesn't mean they're throwing out any responses from people who identify as being over a certain age, as they infamously did in their pre-3e Dancey survey.

Still, I'll go through the motions and see what happens...

EDIT: now done, and it's a good survey with only one exception: there's no real open-comments question at the end. If there was, I'd have put in something about all their questions relating to how important planning and teamwork was to me needed a few corollary questions regarding how important is it to just be able to do (or try) crazy-ass stuff you can't do in real life.
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Urriak Uruk

Gaming is fun, and fun is for everyone
I found the "What properties have you played/play" section pretty interesting. Looking at that list (Dark Souls, Shadow of Mordor, Warhammer) made me think it D&D is thinking of pursuing more partnerships with different IPs products like the one they did with Rick and Morty.

I mean, I'd be pretty happy if D&D did an accompanying product for the Elden Ring, or even the world of League of Legends... or hell, hit me with some Breath of the Wild!

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