WotC WotC job posts now include compensation ranges.

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obviously, my point was more that it is not limited to WA. It is also true in NY now, no idea what other states have it as well
Since they are headquartered in Washington where it is now required, it probably just makes sense for them to post salary ranges everywhere. It would be kind of weird for them to post a salary range for some jobs and not others, depending on location. I suspect a lot of businesses are doing this. I like it.

I work in the video game industry. My suspicion is that in recent years WotC's compensation model has shifted from publishing (which pays poorly) to gaming (which pays well). This makes sense as the D&D team's talent is most likely to be poached by video game developers. So WotC needs to pay competitively if they wish to retain their talent. That said, the Head of Creative role (which I'm guessing is the backfill for Ray Winninger) is actually on the low end of the pay scale for a comparable role at a gaming company.

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