D&D 5E Would you marry a party member for +2 AC?

Gavin O.

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in Xanathar's Guide they introduced a spell called Ceremony, which among other things, allows you to bond humanoids in marriage, and for the next 7 days, any creature so bonded gains +2 AC while they're within 30 feet of a creature they married. The effect lasts seven days and can't be repeated unless your partner(s) die.

So I wonder, have you ever DMed or been in a group where two party members used this spell to marry? Was it tactical for the +2 AC or did they do it for roleplaying reasons? If one of your party members asked you to marry them in anticipation of a very tough week of fighting, would you?

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Yeah, there were some spells in Xanathar's I thought were pretty cool, but Ceremony in particular is bizarre. It reminded me why 4E focused on combat applicable spells and made everything else rituals and made me wish the designers would largely keep to that.



Seriously though, what the heck were the devs thinking with this?

It's not just dumb but it's kinda offensive.


Lord of the Hidden Layer
If you want to use this spell, be ready to outlaw divorce. Because otherwise there will be battlefield marriages followed by PvP of the weakened survivors. :devil:

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