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Write an Adventure - Make Money


First Post
I love writing adventures and love the idea of doing it for a job but I could never break into that side of the business.

Now I'm running a games company and I want to give people like me a chance to get published and make money.

I can't tell you more at the moment because the full details of the 6d6Fireball.com writing competition will be announced on our newsletter tomorrow (Thursday). Followed a few days later by a post on our blog.

We are giving our newsletter subscribers a head start as a thank you for their support and loyalty over the last few months. The deadline is tight (just 6 weeks) so those few days head start might make all the difference.

But I have to confess I'm just a big softy at heart and I want to give everyone one a fair chance.

So please don't miss out.

Sign up for the newsletter here: http://6d6fireball.com/6d6-newsletter


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