D&D 5E X Marks The Spot: Piratical Resources For Your 5E Game

Do your players dream of a life on the hazardous high seas? X marks the spot on this quickstarter campaign!


This 5E softcover book includes:
  • Seven new magical items, all from the deep sea!
  • Adventure location: Deirdre's Ghost, a large vessel sunk long ago
  • Adventure location: Granspire Seminary, a holy lighthouse with a dark secret
  • A table of over 20 of plot hooks and chance aquatic encounters
  • A harrowing adventure within the Briny Lass, a moored ship that's been turned into an inn and tavern.
Only here for two weeks! The PDF (less than $10!) will be instantly fulfilled when the campaign ends, and softcover books will follow a few weeks later.

Read more about it here!
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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey

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