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Hello again.

To counter the issue of "hey, I found a really neat sword. Let's sell it to level up much quicker" I first considered clumsy store credit or new currency.

A much better solution is to increase the xp requirements (and the loot rewards). At first I considered doubling them. This makes each gold (gained from selling the item) half as valuable (since you need twice as much xp to level up).

Nothing really changes. Except buying stuff (instead of xp) becomes more interesting, and selling stuff (for xp) becomes less so.

You still gain a level for defeating (and looting) exactly the same number of foes as before (and as in the core rulebook system), so nothing changes in that regard.

In the end, I settled for going half the way: Increasing them by 50%. I hope that's a useful compromise.

This yields the following XP requirements and monster loot tables. None of the "four-man default" nonsense. These tables are for EACH adventurer and EACH monster.

level 1 -
level 2: 15 XP
level 3: 45
level 4: 90
level 5: 165
level 6: 285
level 7: 480
level 8: 750
level 9: 1125
level 10: 1650
level 11: 2400
level 12: 3450
level 13: 4950
level 14: 7200
level 15: 10650
level 16: 15000
level 17: 22500
level 18: 34500
level 19: 52500
level 20: 82500

Reminder: don't reset your XP to zero each time you level up. In order to go from level 12 to 13, say, you need 1500 gold. You start level 12 at 3450 XP, and you need 1500 XP to reach 4950 XP.

monster level -1: 0,75 gold (75 cp)
monster level 0: 1,5 gold (15 sp)
monster level 1: 3 gp
monster level 2: 6 gp
monster level 3: 9 gp
monster level 4: 15 gp
monster level 5: 24 gp
monster level 6: 39 gp
monster level 7: 54 gp
monster level 8: 75 gp
monster level 9: 105 gp
monster level 10: 150 gp
monster level 11: 210 gp
monster level 12: 300 gp
monster level 13: 450 gp
monster level 14: 690 gp
monster level 15: 870 gp
monster level 16: 1500 gp
monster level 17: 2400 gp
monster level 18: 3600 gp
monster level 19: 6000 gp
monster level 20: 10500 gp

So just to make a quick check, let's say you and your three friends (all level 17) battle an endless stream of level 17 monsters.

Each one drops 2400 gold, which is 600 gp per hero. After defeating twenty of these (two at a time if you like) you each have 12000 XP if you buy nothing but xp. You start level 17 at 22500 XP and thus end up at 34500 XP, which is EXACTLY what you need to level up.

So the system does not change the speed of leveling, assuming you're content with the item drops the adventure provides. :)

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Do you get XP for selling items looted from the bodies of your dead comrades? (Assume, for the sake of argument, that they died during the adventure; I'm not suggesting you killed them yourself ...)


Do you get XP for selling items looted from the bodies of your dead comrades?
It is an interesting question.

How do the xp for gold grognards handle it?

You would think the idea of "Olaf died - wohoo, now I get to level up!" goes counter to the "ethos" of the variant.

You could always say the survivors need to bring back the loot to the dead character's successor, to help brining that new adventurer up to level.

That is, even if you run a "hardcore" game, if you start off new recruits at level one, the rest of the team will probably want to give all their loot to the greenhorn until she's in their own level range.


With more character creation experience, a question:

Could it be that xp for gold is fundamentally incompatible with the default proficiency calculation in Pathfinder 2?

That is, including level in the calculation.

One assumption (behind handing out gp instead of xp) is that choosing between XP and items is a rational and interesting choice.

But if level-up always grants you +1 to "everything" that always trumps an item giving +1 to something specific.

Sure, you level up soon after, but won't levels always trump items?

Contrast to 5E, where you're effectively experiencing the "no level to proficiency" variant discussed several places. (Also, promised to be in the 2020 splatbook Advanced Player's Guide)

Do you need to implement this variant so that players don't just sell all loot, and run around "equipment-less"..?

Leveling up will always remain attractive. The question is at which point a magical sword (etc) becomes equally or more attractive...?

I guess you can express this as a ratio between gold and xp requirements. If keeping the sword means not getting 100 gold, say, that itself means nothing. You need to know if 100 gold buys you half a level or just 1% of one.

If you need 200 xp to level up, then maybe the prospect of selling the sword gains the upper hand. But if you need 10000 xp, then keeping the sword becomes a no-brainer.
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