[YB-Meta/Chat] MeowthBot!


Well finished this guy a while ago, but thought ti announce him.

Pretty much a bot in the #yb chat (same as the regular board chat, just in #YB instead of #dnd3e ) that generates moves and such.

publicly (And also only in #yb) !mb ybmove should have it generate a move publicly, or a private message with ybmove should have it generate a move for ya in private.

I had wanted to do masters and insult too, but haven't gotten around to it.

Anyway, planing on trying to keep it up semi-routinely now :).

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Good job getting this done, Rei! Since I usually have mIRC up, it'll probably save me some time to use MeowthBot instead of having to open a seperate window for the generator page.


Something screwy with the random generator turned out.

So MeowthBot current down while I try to change out the internal core to use a better random generator.

That or until I get bored and just decide to put it on a shell eggdrop.


Well... I just finished migrating meowthbot to a new core....

If you can, test him out.

And please let me know if you see an oddity.


Well he's been up for about a day now, and from my random testings, the 'roaring phoenix' bug seems to have disappeared with his new core.

Although haven't been able to test alot of generation yet, so I can't be sure.

As a boon at least, it shouldn't generate the 'unknown' field randomly in style like the java generator does.

[ Still personally using the web generator for combat, simply as a precaution ]

Also if you have any troubles or notice a severe breach in the approximation of random behavior (ie, 'roaring phoenix' bug...) /msg reiella (me) on the chat server and I'll get at it. Post it here. Or email me at reiella@yahoo.com.

Will eventually be adding the masters and insult generators when I am satisified with the random performance of the new core.


Well, I guess when I get bored I can finish it.

So MeowthBot now has the insult and masters generator loaded.

They are triggered by !mb ybinsult and !mb ybmaster
Or by private message of ybinsult and ybmaster.
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