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Orcs aren’t humans. The strength of humans in a fantasy TTRPG, especially Dungeons and Dragons, is our diversity. The other species are the embodiment of stereotypes. Not racial stereotypes, but rather thematic stereotypes. This stereotyping is intentional and necessary. Wizards of the Coast will (without evidence) state that orcs are somehow related to real world blacks. Funny, none of the African Americans I have gamed with ever thought that. In fact, Tolkien-esque orcs, on which the Dungeons and Dragons orcs are based, are actually based on the German war machine.

Not according to Tolkien

Elves are not humans with pointed ears. Dwarves are not humans with beards. Orcs are not humans having a bad day. Demi-humans, meta-humans, or whatever you want to call them are literally the embodiment and personification of a thematic (not a real-world racial) stereotype. If you cannot accept this you should play a game that only has humans in it, because you’re too stupid to play Dungeons and Dragons.

And you don't know your Tolkien: Tolkien’s Jewish Question

Wizards of the Coast should be renamed as Tampons of the Coast because they are nothing more than bleeding pussies. Nothing they wish to change was ever problematic, unwelcoming, negative, mistakes, or denigrating to anyone with a rational mind. If you truly believe that 1) orcs are not monsters and 2) they represent some real-world ethnic group YOU are the problem. Get the naughty word out of my hobby! The hobby in which I actually play and spend money.

The one in which you have sole ownership over and own all ip?

Secondly, human nature is human nature. Some will seek to uplift while other will seek to denigrate. This is represented in stories for the sake of building tension and conflict, and to add life and metaphoric color to the world. The one thing all rational people can agree upon is that in Dungeons and Dragons, drow and orcs are evil; monsters. End of story.

"I hate nuance!"

Who cares if the depiction echoes some stereotypes associated with the Romani people in the real world? The Vistani people are not real! They are fictional characters in the shadow realm of a fictional game world. Instead of changing fictional characters how about educating real world people about the real world Romani?

So if it's not real it can hurt the real people? This is false.

You will not find a fantasy… anything… that does not include some sort of trope or stereotype; at least not a good story or depiction.

So no bad stories every use stereotypes?

Just as #Comicsgate is a resounding success, and is only growing larger, it is time for #RPGGate… no, #RPGate. It’s time to support independent creators who don’t give in to gender studies rejects, male feminists, and other irrational people. Support creators who understand the difference between reality and fantasy; who don’t try to equate some fantasy monster with anything in the real world; who understand that social conflict (like this!) actually create good and interesting stories.

Comicsgate hasn't been successful in the slightest: https://preview.redd.it/1zgx7ymrb4p...ed&s=a3d2492081736999ae96bf113f17bf721c4c9d27

#TTRPGate #RPGate #CancelWotC #FuckDnD

Ah hypocricy

First of all, what kind of moron sees himself as an elf, dwarf or orc? Anyone who identifies with or feels represented by a make-believe species has many more mental problems than anything a tabletop role-playing game can fix. Characters represent characters, not real people. The point of role-playing is to get away from the real world and the real person you are; to play something different and interesting — it is literal escapism.

And representation &role-playing don't play a part in that? X-Men represent minorities so this is just sad.

Is it even valid?

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