D&D 5E You can write your own Lore Sheets for the Camlann Chronicles, and get writing credits.


Here is the Kickstarter update, and here is a previous post about the Camlann Chronicles, but I will explain here.

The Camlann Chronicles (which is currently in Kickstarter) introduces "Lore Sheets", a Lore 100 System rule that may also be utilized in 5E campaigns. Lore Sheets is a system neutral mechanic designed to facilitate campaign play and immersion in a setting rich with detail. We have already used Lore Sheets in the Sassoon Files (a CoC campaign) and in Rational Magic (a 5e campaign). This is the third Kickstarted campaign to use Lore Sheets; it’s a core feature of Sons of the Singularity RPG products.

In 5e, Lore Sheets are handouts that provide players with extra background information about their characters and the game world. One benefit of Lore Sheets is that complex information about the setting can be distributed quickly, reducing the GM's need for long expository and narration.

In the Camlann Chronicles, Lore Sheets are all structured to have a “settings” part and a “relationship” part. If your table does not want to use the Lore Sheet rule, the settings part becomes a simple hand-out used to help players familiarize themselves with mythic Britain. Here is an example:

 Nennius and the Trolls. Trolls are generally regarded as foul, stupid beings. They are violent and most have no compunction against eating other sentient beings, such as humans. Some, rare trolls are quite intelligent; these beings can be reasoned with, but still don’t share the same values as held by civilized people. All trolls regenerate; the only sure way to kill a troll is to burn it or cover it in a strong acid.

I’m friends with Monk Nennius, the abbot of St. Peter Cuthbert Chapel of the One True God. Nennius’s congregation is small, perhaps because Nennius focuses on the pursuit of knowledge in honor of the intellectual faculties the New God has given us. Nennius would like assist his research by collecting some troll blood and flesh.

Backer Created Lore Sheets

We would like to invite Backers to create their own Lore Sheets; a 175 word mini-narrative which describes a relationship a player-character has with another character or part of the game world. We will edit the Lore Sheet, attach it to a game setting, and publish it. We will also give you a writing credit for your contribution.

More specific rules for creating Lore Sheets can be found on this page, but below is a synopsis of key points.

  • Backer-created Lore Sheets should be “generic”, meaning that they can be handed out for use by any player character. Therefore, the Lore Sheet should not identify any specific player character as the recipient.
  • In general, it's better to not specify race nor sex within the Lore Sheet.
  • You can be creative in describing quests, connection, resources, and experience related to other characters and places.
  • We will not publish anything in any medium which could be construed as racist, sexist, anti-LGBTQ, and/or promoting of religious intolerance.

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