D&D General You thought the Mercer Effect was bad...


I think WotC missed an opportunity here. In an age of post-credit scenes, they really should have had a post-credit scene of gamers playing those characters around a table.

Also, some of the things the characters in the movie did were improvised and not part of the script. Like when Xenk walked over the rock. What whole part was ad-libbed by Pine and Page. Pine had no idea Page was going to just walk in a straight line, so his commentary was off the cuff.

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Mica Fetz

I loved the D&D Movie. Super fun. Laughed harder and more than any other film I can think of. But hot damn... can you imagine DMing for players who's only experience of D&D is seeing the movie?
Imagine it? Absolutely!! I’ve been DM-ing for nearly 40 years… I’ve had plenty of brand new players that didn’t even have the context of D&D:HAT. They just got dropped in completely green. 😁




Probably a better experience than those players of mine whose only experience was Monty Python and the Holy Grail...
OMG, so much this!

Don't get me wrong, I love Monty Python...when done by Monty Python. Not when it's done by untalented nerds like me. "Yes, yes, we all think the killer rabbit is hilarious. Right, teeth like this. It's funny because rabbits aren't normally scary. Got it. Now can we please play this game?"

Really the killer rabbit was not an original idea by the Monty Python.


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