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Your Home Game DW Moves

Pretty sure there isn't a repository for this on here, so figured I'd start a thread.

* Discovery is from Perilous Wild (I use this outstanding book for my games; Journey moves and Hirelings/Companion/Fortune rolls). Think of it like a 7-9 Spout Lore move. Something interesting to be explored or leveraged (a site, and object, or a unique situation).

1) Here are some Druid Shapeshift moves you can spend Hold on:

Grizzly Bear (The Great Forest)

Ferocity - When you take damage while shapeshifted, before damage roll, spend Hold. If damage is 2 or less, ignore it.

Savage Roar - When you are shapeshifted and confronted with creatures large or small, roll Wis. 10+ and nearby creature flees or is locked in single combat with the bear until death or attacked by another; Player’s choice. 7-9, same but GM’s choice.

Rend and Thrash - When you're locked in melee combat, Hack and Slash 7+, spend Hold; apply Forceful to target or one adjacent creature besides target takes 1d4 damage.

Owl (The Great Forest)

Sky Patrol - When the wind is beneath your wings and you survey the open world, Roll Wis. 10+ pick 2. 7-9 pick 1.

  • You find 2 Dangers in the area (ask the GM).
  • You are undetected.
  • You make a Discovery (Describe it).

Death From Above - When the wind is beneath your wings and you dive to your prey, roll +Wis. On a 10+ Choose 2. On a 7-9 Choose 1.

  • The enemy loses one Range Increment for a time (eg from Reach to Close).
  • The enemy takes worse of two damage rolls on next attack.
  • You are not counterattacked.

Dolphin (The Open Sea)

Patrol the Depths - When the ride the currents and survey the open sea, roll Wis. 10+ pick 2. 7-9 pick 1.

  • You find 2 Dangers in the area (ask the GM).
  • You are undetected.
  • You make a Discovery (Describe it).

Call the Pod - When the sea's obstacles and mysteries befall you, roll Cha. 10+ and a dolphin shows up and assists you with your trouble. On a 7-9, the dolphin shows up, but it’s on you to convince it to help.

Abyssal Acrobatics - When the threats of the deep befall you and you attempt to evade it with speed or grace, turn a 6- Defy Danger (Dex) into a 7-9.

2) Here is a Bladesinger move under Arcane Duelist (reskinned from Dashing Hero and morphed/nerfed a hair):

(Arcane Duelist) Bladesong Parry

When an enemy counterattacks you, roll Dex. On a 10+ gain 2 Bladesong. On a 7-9, gain 1 Bladesong. Spend Bladesong 1 for 1:

  • Halve the damage.
  • Gain a burst of preternatural speed. Take +1 forward to Arcane Bladework, Bladesong Parry, or Defy Danger (Str or Dex).
  • Your parry unlocks the arcane fabric of reality. Teleport nearby.

What have you guys used successfully in your games?

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My wife is playing a Svirfneblin Ranger in our single-player game. (I hope soon to get around to an "actual play" writeup of our first session.) We're using the more robust Animal Companion rules from The Perilous Wilds and decided to start her PC at level 2 so she could have access to a Multiclass move and some healing. But she wasn't thrilled with the flavor of Cleric/God amidst the Wastes, so I decided to reskin the moves and spells (a mix of archetype-appropriate Cleric and Wizard spells) and call the class Psionicist. Here's what I've come up with so far for the racial move, advanced MC move, and "spells":


You are a native of the Underdark. When you discern realities or spout lore in earthen surroundings, take +1.

Advanced Moves


Dedicate yourself to deep attunement with the mystic energy that subtends all matter. You gain the attune and exercise a discipline psionicist moves. When you select this move, treat yourself as a psionicist of level 1 for using disciplines. Every time you gain a level thereafter, increase your effective psionicist level by 1.


When you spend uninterrupted time (an hour or so) in quiet meditation, you:

  • Lose any disciplines you have already enabled.
  • Enable new disciplines of your choice whose total levels don’t exceed your own level +1, and none of which is a higher level than your own level.
  • Prepare all of your practices, which never count against your limit.

When you unleash a discipline, roll+WIS. *On a 10+, the discipline is successfully exercised and you retain the mystic energy of the discipline, so you may exercise it again. *On a 7-9, the discipline is exercised, but choose one:

  • You draw unwelcome attention or put yourself in a spot. The GM will tell you how.
  • Your exercise drains you of mystic energy—take -1 ongoing to exercise a discipline until the next time you attune.
  • After you exercise it, the discipline’s patterns must be remastered. You cannot exercise the discipline again until you attune and remaster it.
Note that maintaining exercises with ongoing effects will sometimes cause a penalty to your roll to exercise a discipline.



Every time you attune, you gain access to all of your practices without having to select them or count them toward your allotment of disciplines.

Bioluminescence PRACTICE

You glow with inner light, about as bright as a torch. You give off no heat or sound. You have complete control of the color of the light. The practice lasts until you dismiss it.

Precognition PRACTICE

You have a brief vision of the imminent future as if you had discerned realities and asked “What is about to happen?” Take +1 forward when acting on the answer.


You manipulate a nearby object no heavier than weight 1 and within near range as if with your own hands. You must be able to see the object at all times. The GM will tell you the limits of your manipulation. You may only animate one object at a time. While this discipline is ongoing, you take -1 to exercise a discipline.


Body Equilibrium

You reorder the energy flowing within you to scab wounds and knit bone. Heal 1d8 damage.

Discern Drives LEVEL 1

When you exercise this discipline, choose an alignment: Good, Evil, Lawful, or Chaotic. One of your senses is briefly able to detect that alignment. The GM will tell you what here is of that alignment.

Discern Energies LEVEL 1

One of your senses is briefly attuned to magic. The GM will tell you what here is magical.

Emotional Manipulation LEVEL 1 ONGOING

Choose a target you can see and a nearby object. The target is afraid of the object so long as you maintain the discipline. Their reaction is up to them: flee, panic, beg, fight. While this discipline is ongoing, you take -1 to exercise a discipline. You cannot target entities with less than animal intelligence (magical constructs, undead, automatons, and the like).


You occlude yourself from the senses of nearby creatures for a moment. The discipline persists until you attack, exercise a discipline, or finish a brief movement.


You form a telepathic bond with a single person you touch, enabling you to converse with that person through your thoughts. You can only have one telepathic bond at a time.


Might as well add this here too.

Wizard Spell, Mage Hand, Level 1, Evocation

You conjure an invisible hand of energy that can manipulate objects within near range as if with your own hand. The GM will tell you the limits of this manipulation. You may only manipulate one object at a time but can also use the mage hand as a powerful weapon with the forceful tag to push, pull, slide, lift, or knock over.

Design notes: Near range noted in description. Keys off Wizard's default d4 damage. Limits of one-handed manipulation subject to DM approval.


In the DW game in which I'm a player, the player of the Wizard envisions her character as being able to discern the subtle threads of the magic tapestry woven throughout reality, a la The Matrix. Enchanter seems a thematic advanced move, but she is a little underwhelmed by its narrow focus. So she came up with the following, which trades player fiat in return for broader applicability gated behind a roll:

Loresight (Wizard Advanced Move 2-5, alternative to Enchanter)

When you Discern Realities about a spell or magical object/location, roll +INT. *On a 10+, choose 3 questions from the list below, and the GM will answer truthfully. *On a 7-9, choose 1.

Either way, take +1 forward when acting on the answers.

*What is the name of the spell, object, or location?

*What are the magical effects of the spell, object, or location?

*Who created the spell, object, or location and to what purpose?

*What is the location of the creator of the spell, object, or location?

*What is the alignment of the creator of the spell, object, or location?

*Who or what last used the spell, object, or location?

4e Paladin Mark for DW Paladin

Lvl 1 Cleric Spell

Divine Sanction (ongoing, near, radiant)

You Mark an enemy with a burning sigil, demanding the attention of their enmity. If they attack anyone other than you within near range, you may invoke the sigil to Defend them. While this spell is ongoing you take -1 to Cast a Spell.

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