Your opinion on basing fantasy countries on real world ones


Yeah, I can see that @gamerprinter. Obviously there will always be some real world influences. That's unavoidable, and, frankly, no one would want to read something that had absolutely no connection to the real world. It would be gibberish. Darmok and Telad at Jenagra or however that's spelled doesn't make for very compelling reading or gaming.

And, again, it's not that we can't use the real world as a basis for gaming. There's nothing inherently wrong with a setting based on Mesoamerican history, for example. However, creating a setting set in Mesoamerican history where the PC's are newly arriving from a far away land in order to bring civilization to the locals because the locals are a bunch of human sacrificing demon worshippers is probably are REALLY, REALLY bad idea.

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