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You're a villain. How would you change the world? Contest with prizes. (Spoilers for ZEITGEIST)

Which factions' plots do you support?

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Constance, who has been writing rapidly in a tidy hand ever since sitting down, finally sets down her stylus and rises again.


"To reach this future, I propose the following: instead of replacing or realigning two or three planes, let us incorporate the best ideas of the various factions into a single GRAND DESIGN! Each of us would need to sacrifice elements of our desires, but the combined whole would be greater than the sum of its parts.


Since this proposal is a mix of Miller's Pyre, Arboretum, and Panarchists, I suggest we call it the MAP for short.

I'm bumping this, perhaps my favorite thread I ever made on EN World, to make sure Ajar knows that ZEITGEIST's third act was basically set by his post.

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Thanks! I spent a long time thinking about what a sweeping compromise proposal would look like. I made a spreadsheet of planes and aspects and went through everything with the information I had at the time (since obviously act 3 hadn't been written yet!) to try and make it as internally consistent as possible while still being a compelling and persuasive proposal.

Even though the Ob take "ends justify the means" to insane extremes, I wanted to make sure that in my game at least, absent intervention by players or other forces, the ultimate objective of the conspiracy really is to create a world where life is better for most people. Of course, there are many ways for that to go awry (as we see in act 3).

Throughout my game I've emphasized Miller's philosophy, particularly how Miller grappled with the constant question of how we can have a just society when everyone has different needs, goals, and beliefs about what a just society looks like. It's a topical question now, and will continue to be long after we've finished this campaign. Once they get into act 3 and begin to realize that they will likely have a role in shaping a new reality, I'm expecting that groundwork to bear some interesting fruit.

In fact, we're finally getting close to act 3 -- just started adventure 9. Exciting times ahead!
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I just discovered this thread. I skimmed everything initially, and now am doing a detailed read of the whole adventure path while making some notes as I go. I despaired a bit reading the last act of Schism -- such cool concepts, but how do I make both the exploration/debate and the massive chaotic combat scene workable using a VTT?

This thread (and especially the compilation of the arguments along with the idea of a table read) really helped the first challenge. I'm really grateful to everyone who posted their thoughts.

The second part will just have to play out because it's hard to even guess who will be fighting whom... but even if I get bogged down the scope and scale of the combat will be epic enough that players should be patient.