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YS's Tatters of the King Characters

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First Post
Major (Retired) Cyril Humblet

Male Ex Soldier, Offense Option, Level 4.‎
‎ ‎
Size: medium, Age: 52, Height: 5'9'', Weight: 176, Eyes: Blue, Hair: Red Brown (now ‎graying and balding), Skin: pale. ‎

Str 10 (+0), Dex 14 (+2), Con 15 (+2), Int 16 (+3), Wis 14 (+2), Cha 14 (+2).‎

HP: 23 (6+3d6+8). Sanity: Current 70, Starting 70, Max 99.‎

Fort +6 (Con +2), Refl +3 (Dex +2), Will +5 (Wis +2, Iron Will +2). ‎

Initiative: +2 (Dex +2). Speed: 30.‎

AC: 12 (Dex +2, Class +0), Touch 12, Flatfooted 10.‎

BAB: +3, Melee +3 (Str +0), Ranged +5 (Dex+2).‎

[sblock=Attack: ]
Webley Revolver (small): +5, 2d8 x3, 20 ft, multifire, magazine 6.‎

Lee Enfield mark III Rifle (large): +5, 2d10 x3, 200 ft, standard, magazine 10.

Brass knobbed walking stick (medium): -1, 1d4 x2 (unproficient).

Double barreled shotgun (12 gauge, buckshot, large): +1 ,3d6/2d6/1d6 x4, 50 ft, multifire, ‎magazine 2, (unproficient).
‎ ‎
Core Skill: {Skill Total (Ranks)}‎
C. Photography +8 (5), Demolitions +10 (7), Diplomacy +9 (7), Heal +9 (7), Hide +9 (7), ‎Intimidate +9 (7), K. Arts +7 (4), K. Geography +10 (7), K. Military* +10 (7), Listen +9 (7), ‎Spot +9 (7), Wilderness Lore +7 (5).‎
‎* K. Military represents knowledge of how military organizations operate (tactics, logistics, ‎traditions) it is based on the K. Tactics of D20 Modern.‎
‎ ‎
Feats: Weapon Proficiency (Pistol, Rifle), Iron will, Point Blank Shot.‎

Money: Income 4,000, Savings 6,000 (Starting 8,000). ‎


General: Gold pocket watch, Pocketknife, Pipe, tobacco and matches. ‎

Town: Tweed suit, hat, boots, coat, Brass knobbed walking stick.‎

Countryside: Hiking suit, Hiking boots, coat, hat, Binoculars, Folding Camera.‎

House (Yearly rent 1000): Various household items, Photo lab equipment, Book collection, ‎Webley revolver, Lee Enfield mark III rifle, Double barreled shotgun (12 gauge), ‎Ammunition for all three guns, First aid kit. ‎

[sblock=Rolls for Stats and HP: ]‎

Cyril was the second son of a small aristocratic family the Humblets of Guildford, Surrey ‎County. As a boy he preferred the countryside over his books and tutors, and so it was of no ‎surprise that he enlisted in the army at an early age joining the local Queen's loyal regiment ‎‎(2nd Foot).‎
‎ ‎
Cyril's upbringing made him a typical officer of the British empire- tough, dedicated and sure ‎of himself. His peers would describe him as levelheaded or strong headed, his men more ‎likely would as hotheaded. Cyril had a successful career serving all over the empire and had ‎been promoted to captain and later during the Great war to major. One of his regiment ‎officers noted once that it is quit remarkable that in all those years spent in exotic locations ‎the major has not picked more then a few words of any foreign language. Cyril met his wife ‎Margaret when he was stationed in India. Sadly he lost both her and their only child Cedric ‎during the Boer war, he never remarried.‎

Cyril retired from the army soon after the Great war ended, he has returned to his family ‎mansion at Guildford but found life there to be to crowded. For the past seven years he has ‎lived in a small country cottage where he can pursue his hobbies of reading, bird watching ‎and photography. ‎
He can be found in London at least once a week frequenting book dealers or photography ‎suppliers. ‎
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Iron Captain

First Post
Name: Dr. Richard Newcastle
Profession: Medical Doctor
Age: 32
Height: 1,82
Weight: 120lbs.
Hair: Light Brown/Dark Blonde
Level: 4


STR 09
DEX 11
CON 10
INT 16
WIS 14
CHA 12 (Was 11 before Stat Increase)

Saving Throws (Defensive Option):

Fort: +1
Refx: +4
Will: +6

Bab: +2

Hit Points:6+2+5+5 = 18

Core Skills:

Skill +total bonus(ranks bought)
Total Bonus = Ranks + Ability Bonus + Misc.

Diplomacy +7(6); Gather Information +5(4); Heal +12(7); Knowledge(Biology) +7(4); Knowledge(History) +7(4); Knowledge(Medicine) +10(7); Listen +8(4); Research +8(5); Search +8(5); Sense Motive +5(4); Speak Language Other (Latin 2; Greek 2; French 1); Spot +8(4);

Other Skills:
Move Silently +4(4); Swim +2(3); Drive +2(2)

Alertness; Skill Emphasis (Heal); Weapon Proficiency (Shotgun)

Income and Possesions:

Roll (1d6+2) = 8

Savings: $14,000
Yearly Income: $8,000


Living Arrangments: House $1,000 per year

Casual: Cashmere Dress Suit with leather dress gloves and bowler hat
Formal: Silk Dress Suit or Tuxedo as appropriate
Outdoors: Hiking Suit with good hiking boots and leather gloves
Other: Hunting clothes and Golf clothes

Medical Supplies: First Aid Kit (In car and at home); Basic Doctor's Diagnostic Kit; Medical Bag containing various supplies such as bandages, gloves, scalpel, rubbing alchohol, various chemicals and ointments etc.

Other Possesions of note: Winchester 12 Gauge Shotgun; 2 boxes Ammunition; Expensive Wrist Watch

Background: Richard grew up just outside of London. His father was a quite successful doctor who wanted the best for his only child. Richard enjoyed many of the finer aspects of life while visiting a private boarding school in London before he studied medicine at Oxford. He enjoys hunting and golf in his spare time as well as driving through the countryside in his car. He rents a small house in the upper class part of London where he lives together with his wife Margaret.

Appearance: Richard has a slim figure with a thin and long face. He wears his hair neatly combed to the side and is always clean shaven if he can help it.