ZEITGEIST Zeitgeist and the gunsmithing feat


Hi All, commonplace guns reduces the costs of guns to 25% of the normal cost. Gunsmithing allows you to craft ammunition 10% of the original cost.

Under normal emerging guns, a single bullet and dose of black powder costs 11 gold and a alch cartridge costs 12 gold. For a normal emerging guns gunslinger, gunsmithing reduces the cost to 1.1 gold and 6 gold respectively.

With commonplace on top of that, a bullet and black powder would costs 0.275 gold and an alch cartridge would cost 1.5 gold.

At face value this seems insanely cheap for ammunition. Did anyone else run into this issue? Is this a problem combining commonplace pricing with gunsmithing in zeitgeist?
I have failed to care about tracking ammunition costs for 20 years and it has not broken any campaigns.
I have 2 gun using characters and have never noticed that ammo is a signifigant cost for them, I would charge for magical or adamantine bullets but apart from that I don't care


Guns and pistols are pretty common in Zeitgeist. The PC's enemies use them and I cannot say that *they* really care for ammunition costs as they sling their bullets like there's no tomorrow.

From a player's perspective, firearms are cool but not so powerful that you'd use them at the expense of everything else.

We don't really care about ammo cost either unless, say, someone wanted to purchase Ice bullets from a certain fair. Ammo or low cost alchemical items are usually sponsored by the RHC and considered work utensils. This works fine for us as we don't abuse the system (like "gimme this superpowered ancient weapon for free because I need this for work"), but try to keep it realistic.


The same for us. If someone buys special ammunition, either for guns or bows, that is one thing, but in general, it isn't something I give much thought. In Zeitgeist I would sat that it is just part of their equipment from their employers the RHC.

My players don't currently use guns, they prefer melee and magic - but that may change.