ZEITGEIST Zeitgeist for PF2E (starting a conversion)


My favorite gaming memory was playing in War of the Burning Sky. It's been 10 years since we finished, and it's still the most talked about campaign in my home group. Looking at Zeitgeist, and reading it, I get the same feeling. I think it'd be fun to run. But our current PF1E campaign (Ironfang Invasion) will likely be our last in that edition, and I think PF2E is a good fit for many of the things in the Zeitgeist campaign, especially skill challenges etc. So I think I'm going to convert it, and unless I missed it, I don't think anyone else has tried. I own the PDFs for PF1E so I am working off those. I have a quite a bit of time to get it done, since we're level 6 in our current campaign, so I probably have about a year until I run. Don't know if anyone would be willing to check and give feedback. Today I took a look at the theme feats from the Player's Guide. I converted them into backgrounds, and I tried to PF2E rules as much as possible.

All credit to the designers for the great theme feat ideas.

Any feedback/ideas welcome.

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I would strongly suggest keeping the 4e version of Zeit on hand, as the 4e versions of monsters are a lot more interesting. Should be useful for inspiration. Scroll down to '4e vs PF' here.

Thank you for the tip; I saw that and will keep in mind. Luckily, designing monsters from scratch is pretty easy for PF2E, so I should be able to customize them and keep them interesting.
At the time, it seemed like monsters using the same rules in 3/3.5E/PF was great and seemless! Turns out it was tougher to make monsters interesting that way.

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