ZEITGEIST Zeitgeist in Fate Core



Recently my group, after nearly 20 years of only playing D&D 3e, 3.5e, 4e, and most recently Pathfinder have decided to move away from d20 systems. We've been playing other systems with one shots and trying new things.

Ever since the begining, one of my players said Zeitgeist feels like it was written for Fate as its more of a story based campaign. So im beginning the work of switch my table from Pathfinder to Fate. My group absolutely loves the story of Zeitgeist and we are eager to continue with act 2 and beyond. It is definitely the best adventure I have ever run.

Does anyone here have experience with Fate Core? Ive played a bit but I could always use more advice.

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Andrew Moreton

I have also only played Fate a bit but from what I remember it has very little structure to its mechanics making almost any conversion fairly easy. One of the other campaigns written up on here switched over to a system light mechanic (a different one) you may pick up some ideas by looking at it. The one featuring King Korrigan
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Andrew Moreton

Yes I think it was the Cypher system. I know it was one I played at a convention game and thought was rubbish ! But that was probably because it was a mediocre GM and a scenario really more suited for a different system.
I was not sure if you had seen it , so thats me out of useful suggestions. Good luck Fate in my experience (limited) plays very differently but is fun , also quicker as less crunchy but because of that makes it easier to try none standard solutions to problems.

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