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Short answer: no, I have not made another paper.

Long answer: I packed up and moved to Europe over the summer, and I still haven't figured out a good virtual solution for continuing the game, mostly due to the 6-hour time difference.

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Sorry to hear your campaign hasn't continued. I did make another newspaper. I even convinced some of my players to write articles based on their adventures. Because my campaign is set in Aundair in the Eberron world I did change some names to make them more Aundairian. Nina Simone, Oxton Halderan, Mika d'Ghallanda and Seagull are player characters.
As a non-native english speaker I hope the newspaper is not too riddled with grammar errors. One of the more difficult words to think of was how residents of Passage would be called. I now chose Passageans, but maybe Passagites would be better. Flinters is a lot easier.

So if anyone is interested, the latest version of the newspaper is attached.


  • The Passage Post - Barrakas week 4 999YK v1.1.pdf
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