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Short answer: no, I have not made another paper.

Long answer: I packed up and moved to Europe over the summer, and I still haven't figured out a good virtual solution for continuing the game, mostly due to the 6-hour time difference.

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Sorry to hear your campaign hasn't continued. I did make another newspaper. I even convinced some of my players to write articles based on their adventures. Because my campaign is set in Aundair in the Eberron world I did change some names to make them more Aundairian. Nina Simone, Oxton Halderan, Mika d'Ghallanda and Seagull are player characters.
As a non-native english speaker I hope the newspaper is not too riddled with grammar errors. One of the more difficult words to think of was how residents of Passage would be called. I now chose Passageans, but maybe Passagites would be better. Flinters is a lot easier.

So if anyone is interested, the latest version of the newspaper is attached.


  • The Passage Post - Barrakas week 4 999YK v1.1.pdf
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Alright, spit out a third one. The type is a bit tight on the illustration, but it was a rush job. Somewhere between Georgia (the state) and Germany, or between my old rig and new, I've misplaced by running notes on details to throw in the paper. This one doesn't bite near as deep, but now I get to/have to re-read the whole adventure path, so I got that going for me.

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