House Bleyshar

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  • House Bleyshar

    By 1479 DR the Bleyshars have dwindled to two family members. The first is Shalice Bleyshar, an elderly and frail woman and head of her small House, and aunt to her adult nephew Tantram, himself a bored wastrel, a cruel prankster, and something of a nobody as far as Cormyrean courtiers and other members of the nobility are concerned.

    The extent of Shalice's daily activities is limited to a portion of upper floor rooms in the family's ancestral home of Bleys Hard, itself located not far from the village of Gray Oaks. Other than one trusted servant, she interacts with no one else day in and day out. She has left control of Bleyshar business interests to a handful of trustworthy factors that avoid Tantram and are instructed to ignore his demands.

    Tantram has the run of the family's remaining properties in Cormyr, which he uses to house his growing cadre of sycophants. Tantram portrays himself as head of his House whenever he can get away with it. Although he remains an impatient heir, Tantram is unwilling to do anything to hasten the demise of his aunt for fear of being blamed for her death and losing the considerable family wealth he stands to inherit.

    The beholder mages of the Xraunrarr influence Tantram's decisions through certain of his hangers on, each of whom the Xraunrans have influenced from birth to act as their agents in Cormyr.[1] Already the young nobleman's worst impulses have been curbed, but the question of just what use Tantram will be to the hive remains unanswered. Likewise, who among the hive will consume Tantram when he is of no more use.

    [1] These servants of the Xraunrarr were gifted with a variant of a Crown of Eyes soon after birth. These magical trinkets allow Xraunrans to put ideas and urges into the minds of a creature attuned to it.

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