Sketch List from Morrus' Unofficial Tabletop RPG Talk

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  • Each episode of Morrus' Unofficial Tabletop RPG Talk contains an RPG or D&D themed sketch (as in "sketch comedy") or skit written and presented by the podcast hosts. A year after, the sketches appear separately.

    Some of the sketches are inspired by existing skits from Monty Python and similar comedy groups, while others are original work. Some feature recurring characters or themes, such as the monsters' psychiatrist Dr. Blakemore or the Adventurer's Helpdesk.
    1. Polearm Shop. An adventurer enters a shop looking to buy a polearm.
    2. Wrong Questgiver. An adventurer keeps barking up the wrong tree looking for a quest.
    3. Monster Psychiatrist - Anger Management Orc. Dr. Blakemore, Monster Psychiatrist, deals with an orc that has anger management issues.
    4. Dalek Voight-Kampff Test. A Dalek takes the Voight-Kampff test.
    5. Adventurer’s Helpdesk - Gelatinous Cube. The Adventurer's Helpdesk fields a call from an adventurer facing an invisible foe.
    6. Interview with Malach the Maleficent. The first full interview with the dreaded Malach the Maleficent.
    7. King Arthur and the Bridgekeeper. King Arthur faces the questions of the Bridgekeeper.
    8. You Call That a Quest?! An adventurer tries to find adventure and glory from a questgiver and definitely does not find the latter.
    9. Adventurer’s Helpdesk Edition Change. The Adventurer's Helpdesk deals with some odd changes happening to a party.
    10. Monster Psychiatrist - Dragon Hoard. Dr. Blakemore, Monster Psychiatrist, has a dragon patient that is suffering from burnout.
    11. Monster Origins. we learn the origin story of three different classic D&D monsters.
    12. Adventurer’s Helpdesk - What Spider Is This? The Adventurer’s Support Line must assist a party who has just slain a mysterious giant spider and aren’t sure what kind of spider it is.
    13. Not a Fair Share. A group of fantasy cyberpunk freelancers is divvying up the payout following a successful run and have a few…issues to sort out about fairness.
    14. Monster Psychiatrist - Troll Performance Issues. Dr. Blakemore, Monster Psychiatrist, assists a troll with some…performance issues.
    15. Adventurer’s Helpdesk - Doppelganger. The Adventurer’s Support Line gets a call requesting help determining if someone is a doppelganger.
    16. You’re Not a Wizard. A villager aspires to be something more and asks the question what IS a wizard exactly? I mean ANY arcane spellcaster counts, right?
    17. Adventurer’s Helpdesk: Vanishing Party Member. The Adventurer's Helpdesk gets a call from someone worried about a disappearing and reappearing party member.
    18. Pre-Announcement. It's the Annoucement of a New RPG Product! Well, the announcement of the announcement. Of the live stream. Of the trailer. Of the podcast. Of the event...
    19. Adventurer’s Helpdesk: Out of NPCs. The Adventurer's Helpdesk looks to advise an adventurer confused about the increasingly generic names of the NPCs.
    20. Edition Wars. The party welcomes a new player by asking what editions of Caverns & Wyverns he's played with some...concerns.
    21. Dungeons OR Dragons. cutbacks in production force hard choices between Dungeons OR Dragons.
    22. Adventurer’s Helpdesk: The Silent Talking Sword. An adventurer is worried about their previously chatty sword suddenly taking silent.
    23. Soth vs. Vader. Two people try to figure out the difference between Lord Soth and Darth Vader.
    24. ROLEplay vs ROLLplay. A DM takes the idea of "ROLEplay not ROLLplay" a bit too far...
    25. Bearowl. the party comes across a fearsome new and imaginative creature...
    26. That One Player. We run into that one player we ALL know who takes...just...a...bit..too...much...time...taking...their...turn...