Strahd's "RttToEE" - [OOC]

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    Strahd's "RttToEE" - [OOC]

    RG thread
    IC thread

    1. Rhun - Korbryn Rivenshield, of the Dwurfolk of the Lortmils, Dwarf Male Fighter 4
    2. Scott - Miltiades inquisitor of Rao, Male Oeridian Human cleric 5
    3. Stonegod - Thandis "The Kid" Ornth, Male Oeridian human scout 3/fighter 2
    4. s@squ@tch - Lenuran of Lortmills, Male Gnome Bard (Historian) 4.
    5. Holyman - Die, Wizard 5
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    Welcome Players.
    1. To all - becasue of the recent crush, I encourge you to save your characters on the computer, I'll save them too.

    2. I want to remind all the arcane and divine spell casters - do not forget to update your spell list each morning (Game Time)
    It will be easy for you and me if you just create a spoiler box (Spells) in your character sheet and write everything in there.

    3. Highlight your HP and wounds ... i.e
    Godoth Fighter 3
    HP: 13/20

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    Oerth Information

    Starday(work), Sunday(work), Moonday(work), Godsday(1/2 work), Waterday(work), Earthday(work), Freeday(rest).
    Each month is 28 days, 3 months is a season, there is a festival between each season, each festival lasts a week.

    Month I - Fireseek (Winter)
    Month II - Readying (Winter)
    Month III - Coldeven (Spring)
    --- festival Growfest
    Month IV - Planting (Spring)
    Month V - Flocktime (Spring)
    Month VI - Wealsun (Summer)
    --- festival Richfest
    Month VII - Reaping (Summer)
    Month VIII - Goodmonth (Summer)
    Month IX - Harvester (Autumn)
    --- festival Brewfest
    Month I - Patchwall (Autumn)
    Month II - Ready'reat (Autumn)
    Month III - Sunsebb (Winter)
    --- festival Needfest

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    The Kid is up. Didn't know if you still wanted them in sblocks, so he still is.
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    Lenuran is up also, with char sheet kept in sblocks as well.

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    Miltiades is posted. Let me know if I need to make any changes
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    up there
    Quote Originally Posted by Trainz
    I do it because I simply love this game.
    Level 10, essence of D&D as of November 17 2006
    Wizard paralyzed, samurai 6 hp, your Fiend Hunter down to 4 hp and 1 Con, surrounded by four dead Bebilith and one still alive...
    Without sheathing the greatsword, with shaky hands unstoppers the small vodka bottle, swallow it down, and hurl it at the still standing demonic spider while yelling "come and get me!" just to allow the samurai to get the edge.
    Ideas for developing..

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    OK, I'm waiting to Kafkonia and Rhum to show themselves and then we will get going

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    Sorry for the delay. Korbryn Rivenshield has bee posted to the RG.

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    Llewellyn Mourner, Elf Wizard in Progress, is now (except for his weasel familiar) up and ready to go.
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