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    [WFRP] Down and Out in Altdorf [OOC]

    The Pitch:
    Sandbox-style game of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, 2nd Edition. The game starts in Altdorf, but you can go wherever your rat-catching, bone-picking heart desires if you can scrape up a few Karls and find your way there. The game starts as soon as someone posts a complete character sheet, and subsequent posters will meet that first poster in-character. Recruitment continues until we have four players.

    Character Creation Guidelines:
    Roll yer name an' career an' all da gubbinz, ya git! There's a good character generator here, just make sure you choose a random background. Elves can go without a distinguishing mark at their option; all others must roll at least once. If you re-roll multiple times to get the character you want, I won't know, but you'll be a bad person forever and all time if you do it.

    Edit: In-character thread is up here. Starring:
    Anton85 as Albrecht Kappalmuller, male human bailiff
    The Digger as
    Solveig Hockschwarzer, female human vagabond
    Blackrat as
    Norgrim Enlagson, male dwarf soldier
    and Walking Dad as Gustav Feder, male human boatman
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