D&D 4th Edition [4e] Risen OOC (Full)

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    [4e] Risen OOC (Full)

    Recruitment is currently closed.

    [OOC] Risen


    KarinsDad as... Unknown (Unknown)
    lotuseater as... Unknown (Unknown)
    okdaddio as... Unknown (Unknown)
    Pangalin as... Unknown (Unknown)
    Walking Dad as... Unknown (Unknown)


    Sparky as... The Friendly GM

    Risen is a homebrewed 4E D&D campaign set in a Points of Light setting. Play begins in the land of Keshet, a pharaohnic kindom filled with magic and intrigue.
    IC Posting Rules
    Pretty standard stuff, some guidelines to keep the IC thread tidy and readable.

    Speech - In quotes. Not a huge deal if you leave them off, but it makes a better contrast with thoughts.

    Thoughts - In italics. If you choose to write your character's thoughts, they should be in italics.

    Languages and OOC - Different colors per language. Both the color name and coordinate are listed (some are not default colors and will not have coordinates).
    Abyssal [DarkRed, B1] - Demons, gnolls, sahaugin
    Deep Speech [Indigo, A7] - Mindflayers, githyanki, kuo-toas
    Draconic [Cyan, D5] - Dragons, dragonborn, kobolds
    Dwarven [Sienna, A2] - Dwarves, azer
    Elven [Green, B4] - Elves, eladrin, formorians
    Giant [Olive, B3] - Giants, orcs, ogres
    Goblin[YellowGreen, C3] - Goblins, hobgoblins, bugbears
    Nethyr(Common) [Gray, C8] - Humans, halflings, tieflings
    Primordial [DarkSlateGray, A8] - Efreets, archons, elementals
    Supernal [Teal, B5] - Angels, devils, gods
    Arcane [RoyalBlue, C6] - Spells for Warlocks, Wizards, Sorcerers
    Divine [Gold] - Prayers for Clerics, Paladins, Invokers, Avengers
    OOC Text[Font Size 1, DimGray, B8] - Rolls, actions, tactics,
    questions, light table talk
    Rolls - Make your rolls on Invisible Castle and post them in the OOC section of your IC post, as appropriate.


    Stan staggers over to the door of his cell a blade concealed along the meaty part of his forearm. He is dead drunk, at least, he wants the guard on duty to think so. "Oi!" he hollers, slumping against the bars. He drowses a bit, on the verge of passing out before shaking himself awake. "Oi!" he hollers again, this time raking his tin mug across the bars of the cell. "Guard!"

    "Shaddup, ya halfpint halfwit," growls Murray from across the aisle. Murray shifts on his bunk drawing up the thin covers to better hide his nervous face. Gods, I hope this works...

    (OOC: Stan uses Bluff against the Guard (assisted by Murray) pretending to be drunk. Stan also uses Thievery to conceal a dagger. Rolls)


    Chapter I: Grave Danger
    Rogue's Gallery

    Invisible Castle
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    Welcome to the game's official OOC thread.

    Do not post in the IC thread or the Rogue's Gallery until I give the okay.

    But do chime in on this thread to let me know you've found it.

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    Chiming in.

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    I'm in the Iron DM competition and my round starts tomorrow (9 AM local time Tuesday through 9am local time Thursday). I'm also DMing a face-to-face game on Wednesday night. So. I'd hoped to get my stuff together for the first IC post tonight, but I have to turn in early this evening. Sorry for the delay folks. Wish me luck!


    Character Development
    For all PCs (alternates too)

    While I'm busy with things, I have some character development Challenges for you all to do. Completing a Challenge is like completing a Minor Quest. However, the more Challenges you complete, the more XP each is worth. If you do 1 Challenge it's worth 100 XP, if you do two Challenges you'll get 250, if you do all 3 Challenges, you'll get 450. Astute readers will note that's nearly half of your level in XP for doing some character development.

    Cursory completion (just a sketchy paragraph or two) will get full XP, but exceptional work that shows effort and care will get bonus XP.

    The Challenges

    Each challenge is intended to give me insight into your character, but also to build a group of NPCs (friends and foes), places and plots your characters will interact with and are interested in.

    If you're stumped, or work better with more concrete settings just shoot me a PM with a couple questions that would help you get started. I'm working on all sorts of different bits of the setting, so if you need me to focus on a particular area, just tell me IN PMs. We're gonna try to keep mystery going for at least a little bit.
    Write on the following (and PM to me):
    Challenge I: A Friend
    Challenge II: An Enemy
    Challenge III: An Organization
    Remember that the setting is Egyptian-like. There is a strong pharaoh who has dragons at his command (dragons as far as you all know are very dangerous, but not known to be intelligent, ornery and powerful, yes, powerbrokers, not so much). The Pharaoh is more General than Diplomat and leaves running the Kingdom to trusted officials. They are more or less competent and more or less corrupt.

    To complete the Challenges, everyone (even folks new to the area) will need to create at least a couple people that you know or know of in Bakara. Bakara is a large, wealthy city, situated on the southern corner of the Great River's delta. Bakara was the capital before the Pharaoh, Long May He Reign, moved the seat of power to Yut Ka (apparently moving the capitol is some sort of Pharaonic compulsion). There is a lot of wealth in Bakara, new and old, a lot of business, a lot of culture, a lot of decline.


    Just so folks know, this is not a typical start to a PbP game, generally DMs are ready to go with adventures and settings and such, ask for characters, pick the players and go.

    Since this was a 'hey, come play' because I wanted to give some new folks who weren't getting into games a chance to play and hadn't really planned a new campaign, it's a little off-the-cuff.

    Thanks for your patience.
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    My communities:

    I'm here. There is also a Risen Computer Game.

    Hi I'm a comic and rpg nerd. Don't hurt me, please.

    PS: English is NOT my native language!

    May the 4th be with you!


    Invisible Castle

    Pathfinder SRD (Pathfinder_OGC)

    My Houserules

    I am SpiderClan

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    I'm here - good luck in Iron DM!

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    Checking in


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    i am in attendance.

    But...i'm out of town from thursday to tuesday. may not have much time to post, but after that, posting will not be a problem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Walking Dad View Post
    I'm here. There is also a Risen Computer Game.
    I might check that game out. The name is more amusing to me as a contrast to my other game, Fallen.

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