D&D 4th Edition [Adventure] Dungeons and Them (DM:johnmeier1, judge:????)

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    [Adventure] Dungeons and Them (DM:johnmeier1, judge:????)

    PC j player level
    Devinihm jkason 5
    Jonathan nerdytenor 5
    Auntie Mab pacdadj 7
    Draglin luinnar 7
    Max dimsdale 8

    DM: johnmeier1
    Title: Dungeons and Them


    The Earl of Jehosh and his estates are entering a desperate time in
    history of the family. Once a small yet prosperous holding north of
    Daunton, the surrounding farms have been plagued by worse and worse
    seasons as well as banditry. He has come to the city for supplies
    with his man-at-arms Randall but they need guards to escort the more
    obvious bounty through the troubled lands to their keep. If the
    bandits are confronted and defeated there would be additional

    This is a short adventure of three-four encounter and skill
    challenges. Randall will recruit at the Hanged Man Tavern a group of
    four to six guards. The Earldom of Jehosh can be added to the setting
    as a near territory to the city of Daunton if there is interest.
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    Jonathan finds his way to the edge of the group, his eyes scanning the area. He grunts and slams his spear into the ground, indicating he is ready.

    Jonathan Stat Block

    Current Effects: none
    Immediate Reactions: See Spirit's Rebuke encounter power

    Jonathan Granville, Human Seeker 5
    Passive Perception 21, Passive Insight 21
    AC 20, Fort 18, Reflex 17, Will 19
    HP 45/45 Bloodied 22 Surge Value 11, Surges 8/8
    Speed 6, Initiative +2
    Action Points: 1

    Encounter Resources
    Possessing Spirits
    Escaping Shot
    Inevitable Shot
    Spirit's Rebuke (When enemy misses J. with melee attack, deal 1d8+7 and push 1)
    Use Action Point

    Daily Resources
    Nature Sense
    Swarming Bats
    Ensnaring Shot
    Shared Suffering Armor power
    Sacrificial Tratnyr power

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    Randall leads them to a pair of large wagons. He turns to the group.
    We'll go four per wagon when the Earl gets here. Have any of you done an honest day's work before, meaning can you drive a cart?

    OOC: Rules to come soon. Basically Mal's. Sent from my iPod

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    Hell, how hard can it be? The warlord chuckles I'll give it a try. Which one ya want me to drive Randall. Let's get moving.
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    Never fear! Sir Draglin of Draconia has learned many a trade when training to become a Knight of Draconia! Draglin says proudly.

    Come stable boy, ready the horse to be droven! he shouts, clapping his hands.

    Stable boy? he says looking under the cart. Helloooo. Where are you?

    This is embarrassing, Draglin says. I can't seem to find the stable boy. Who can drive a cart without a stable boy?

    Draglin Stat Block

    Draglin, Dragonborn Fighter 7
    Passive Perception 15, Passive Insight 13
    AC 24, Fort 21, Reflex 20, Will 14
    HP 64/64 Bloodied 32 Surge Value 17, Surges 10/10
    Speed 6, Initiative +7
    Action Points: 1

    Basic Attack Short Sword; +15, 1d6+13(+14 w/ CA) creature is marked hit or miss, if used because of an OA from movement the creature stops moving (but may take another action to move again).

    Combat Challenge: At Will Immediate Interrupt Melee
    Trigger: When a marked enemy shifts or makes an attack that doesn't include Sir Draglin.
    Effect: Sir Draglin makes a melee basic attack against that enemy

    Footwork Lure
    Dual Strike

    Combat Challenge

    Distracting Spate
    Battle Fury Stance
    Rain of Blows
    Kirre's Roar
    Dragon Breath
    Feral Hide Armor +2
    Amulet of Life +1

    Tempest Dance
    Rain of Blows
    Quick Short Sword +2

    Current Effects: none
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    A black-skinned, rune-traced, blaze-eyed, smoking lizard comes running up, a fresh boot in its mouth. It pushes through the group and drops the boot at Max's feet, looks up at the warlord, then back at the boot, then at the warlord, then back at the boot.

    Dante jogs up after, slipping lithely through the crowds. He nods to the group and gestures at Virgil. "This one apologizes for his companion. Virgil does what suits his fancy and he seems to have decided you ones are those whom this one will accompany next."

    He glances at Max. "This one things the devil lizard likes you. Boots are the devil lizard's favorite food, especially the laces, so there is meaning in his offering it to you."

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    Devils? Where!? Draglin says, pulling out his two swords. Get ready, dark fiends, thou days are numbered! My blades of justice shall bring your murderous deeds to an end. I shall...oh. he says seeing the "devil lizard". Thou art a lizard, not a devil. Thou lookist like my Uncle Marty.

    Good lizzy, Draglin says, trying to pat the lizard on the head.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Iron Sky View Post
    He glances at Max. "This one things the devil lizard likes you. Boots are the devil lizard's favorite food, especially the laces, so there is meaning in his offering it to you."

    Max chuckles and then bends down slowly, all the while with his eyes fixed on the lizard's eyes. He then grabs the boot and throws it high into the air. Fetch boy! Ha ha. Turing to Dante I had a pet once...Marshall was his name. Your lizard reminds me of him. As the lizard returns with the boot Max takes his sword sword and cuts a piece of his shoe lace off his boot and tosses it into the mouth of the lizard. Good boy! Turning to Dante, the warlord gins. Anyone bad guys I kill on the way I'll make sure that I collect their boots.
    Characters: Kruk (Lvl 11), Max (Lvl 11), Lerrick (Lvl 6)

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    Virgil stares at Draglin blankly, seemingly not understanding the affection.

    He does understand boot laces however, gulping it down, then snatching the boot from Max and beginning to gnaw on it.

    Dante shrugs. "Virgil can collect his own boots, but perhaps if you scavenge laces he would eat them. Devil lizards do what they will, Dante and Virgil just happen to have escaped from Dis at the same time."

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    As the group begins to get to know each other, a well dressed young man walks up to the wagons. He stares unabashedly at the motley crew and walks around them to speak to Randall. He whispers something to him and then after a quick nod from the man-at-arms, he spins and throws on a big smile.

    Ah, thank you for your assistance. I am Lee, the current Earl of Jehosh. Randall tells me I can trust our safety to you and your skill at arms. I am grateful for that and so will the people of my earldom be when we return with these supplies. If we get going now we can be back before the sun is too long past noon.

    The earl boards the wagon in the front and sits next to Max. Randall takes the reins of the front wagon and waits for someone to rides "shotgun". There is plenty of room to sit in the back of both wagons for two, but they seem to move at a slow enough pace to walk alongside. The earldom must indeed be not far from Daunton.

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