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    Dante watches the interaction with the stillness of a cat ready to pounce, ready to take his old battle-companion's side should violence break out. Virgil seems to sense it, all appearance of dim-witted laziness suddenly gone, burning eyes alert, body lowered to a fighting crouch.

    When Max lowers his weapon, Dante relaxes almost imperceptibly as Virgil belches smoke and plops to his belly with a long, wide yawn.

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    OOC: @johnmeier1 Just added Draglin's wishlist.

    Never know when treasure will pop up

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    The Earl nods I will show you the door but it is so rusted it may not open. He walks past the group through the other doorway off the dining room. Chairs and other excess furniture are stacked here, he begins to move some to expose a metal door set into the floor.

    perception 20
    The dust is uneven in the room like the furniture was moved. Also the door though old and rusty has oiled hinges.

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    Block dimsdale

    Max follows right behind Ear with all senses now on high alert. When they arrive at the room the warlord scans the area, specifically the door. Boys, we got oil on the hinges...not rusty anymore. It's been repaired and used recently.

    OOC: perception roll: 22

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    The Earl hears Max and reaches down. Even he is able to open the door with barely a creak. Below stairs descend into darkness. I have some candles I can get to shed SOME light, but I have never been down there.

    OOC: Map is 90% ready. Hope you have Adventure's Kits for light. I may not be able to get it online today due to Fathers Day fun, but post where you would be in a 2 wide 4 long "marching order", remember Virgil.

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    OOC: Max prefers to be up at the front with sword and shield drawn. Unfortunately that means he can't carry a light source...unless we have someone that can cast a light spell on his shield (To Catch a Crimelord )

    Also, Max wishlist is updated on his CS

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    Jonathan nods respectfully at Max's observation. He wouldn't have noticed that himself (Perception 16), but says nothing.

    Jonathan Positioning

    Jonathan is a happy anywhere except for the very front.

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    Never fear Lord Sir Earl, for Sir Draglin of Draconia is on the case! I shall find thy treasure and bring thy foes to justice! he says proudly, pulling out his swords and entering the cave.

    OOC: Draglin would like to be out front, so he can do defender stuff. He can't carry a torch though since both his hands will be full.

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    Jonathan breaks out a torch and lights it, stepping directly behind Draglin.

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    OOC: Virgil will be as close to the front line as possible with Dante right behind him.

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