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    The group moves into the darkness, with the torch Jonathan holds shining light down the stairs. After only a short while the steps open into a room with only a doorway. In the room there appear to be broken chairs and two tables visible so far with a musty air of a long closed chamber.

    You notice that the stairs lead away from the keep towards the mountains, so you are deeper underground than you have actually gone down steps, since the hill is rising above ground

    OOC: Here is the map
    You should be able to edit it. Go ahead and move your character by just deleting where you currently are and putting the letters where you want to go. I would like to limit you to 1 movement action to make it explore better, but I will update the map after each posted movement to keep things moving fast. Just an FYI, the Standard Adventurer's Kit does come with the cheese-ass Sunrod, two of them.

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    Block pacdidj

    "Keep your eyes peeled and your ears open for greebles dearies! This is just the sort of place they like," Auntie Mab cautions as the group descends the stairs. "If we hear anything up ahead Tristram and I can do some scouting and, um... scry through the darkness to get the jump on the beasties."

    OOC: Mab's position on the map looks good. If we do get into a situation where scouting is called for, Mab has a daily item power that can grant encounter/5 minute darkvision, so she could potentially sneak up on enemies in total darkness.

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    OOC: I know this style of exploring isn't perfectly suited to PbP. If it winds up going to slowly I can reveal rooms to you as a whole and only leave a few details off the map. Currently there is a bit too much pressure on nerdytenor since he has the only lightsource (anybody else?!?!) and can spread it

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    Jonathan moves slowly in the darkness with torch in hand.

    Move complete - map updated

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    The tables come more clearly into focus. The one closest to Jonathan seems to be in better condition that the other. A wall appears to the side, laid stone, as the floor and ceiling both seem to be.

    IronSky or Perception 24
    There is something small under the table nearest Jonathan. Perhaps a discarded weapon and bits of wood.

    OOC: Map updated!

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    A table shines into focus through the fog of war! No doubt where the dastardly villains set forth their evil schemes. Draglin says, taking a closer look at the table.

    OOC: Moved closer to the table on the map.

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    Guys, we're going into the mountain. The warlord moves in the direction of the dragonborn. With weapon and shield drawn.

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    Luinnar dimsdale
    Nothing under THAT table.

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    Dante pulls out a sunrod, hammers it against the floor to light it up, then tosses it to the center of the room before he and Virgil walk forward a bit. He points to one of the tables. "This one sees something under there. Is that a weapon?"

    OOC: Toss the sunrod to the * on the map.

    Dante, Male Human Ranger 8
    Passive Perception:22, Passive Insight:17
    AC:23, Fort:23, Reflex:22, Will:20 -- Speed:6
    HP:57/57, Bloodied:28, Surge Value:15, Surges left:6/6
    Initiative +7, Action Points:1
    Powers: Twin Strike, Throw and Stab, Marauder's Rush, Off-Hand Strike, Disruptive Strike, Ruffling Sting, Heroic Effort, Invigorating Stride, Second Wind, Boots of the Fencing Master, Jaws of the Wolf, Snarling Wolf Stance, Healing Lore, Amulet of Resolution, Vanous' Combined Awareness

    MBA: +15 vs. AC, 2d4+11 damage (Crit 2d6+19)
    *Dante makes an OA on any enemy that makes a melee attack on Virgil as long as the enemy is within reach 2 of Dante or Virgil is adjacent to Dante.
    *Dante deals +1 damage when he has CA.
    *Dante deals +2 damage to bloodied enemies.
    *Dante gains +1 AC/Ref whenever he shifts.
    *Dante can draw his spiked chain as part of an attack made with it.
    *The first enemy to hit Dante takes 5 ongoing damage(save ends).
    *Dante does +1 damage on his first attack of an encounter.

    Virgil, Beast Companion(Lizard) 8
    Passive Perception:14, Passive Insight:14
    AC:23, Fort:20, Reflex:20, Will:18 -- Speed:6
    HP:78/78, Bloodied:39, Surge Value:18(23), Surges left:2/2
    MBA: +12(+14 if OA) vs. AC, 1d8+4 damage.

    Note: Virgil's OA uses Dante's Immediate Reaction.

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    OOC: I don't know if Draglin can move again but if he can.

    Tricksy tables! You shall not conceal your secrets from Draglin of Draconia! he shouts, moving over and looking under the other table.

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