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    Block pacdidj

    "Hmm...," says Auntie Mab eying the door. "I've got a bad feeling about that door dearie, my um, arcane senses tell me it might be rigged to slam. I wouldn't want you to get your fingers hurt. Tell you what. We'll just send Tristram in, he's small enough that he shouldn't trigger the trap, and even if he does he can just slip back through the bars."

    "Tristram, love,"
    Mab says, poking her pocket to rouse her familiar. "Be a dear and go fetch those gold coins for Auntie and her friends would you?"

    The brown rat gives a grudging, *Meep,* and hops down out of Mab's pocket. He scurries through the bars of the cell, rather than the doorway, and approaches the glittering pile cautiously, wary of any traps he might spring. His sleepy eyes and nose don't detect anything, so he obligingly starts ferrying the gold pieces, as many as he can carry at a time back to Mab.

    Tristram's Thievery check (1d20+18=19)

    stat block
    Auntie Mab - Human Rogue 7
    PC:Auntie Mab (pacdidj) - L4W Wiki
    Passive Perception:
    21, Passive Insight: 19, Init: +7
    21, Fort: 18, Reflex: 22, Will: 19 Speed: 6
    HP: 56/56, Bloodied: 28, Surge Value: 14, Surges left: 8/8
    Action Points:
    1, Second Wind: not used, Milestones:
    Basic Atk: Distance Dagger +9 vs AC, 1d4+1 dmg
    Ranged Basic Atk: Throw Distance Dagger +14 vs AC, 1d4+6 dmg, Range 10/20
    Gloaming Cut, Sly Flourish, Fast Hands, Chameleon

    Heroic Effort, Eyebite, King's Castle, Fleeting Spirit Strike, Snap Shot
    Blinding Barrage, Bloodbath

    Prison of Salzacas, Steadfast Amulet, Cannith Goggles
    Combat notes:
    +1 to all defenses vs. traps, 2d8+1 extra damage against targets Mab has CA against on light blade weapon attacks, scores critical hits against demons on a roll of 19-20

    Tristram - Rat Familiar
    1/1; AC: 21, Fort: 17, Ref: 21, Will: 18
    +18 Thievery, +24 Stealth
    Status: Active Mode

    OOC: Map updated. Tristram can carry and manipulate objects up to 2 pounds, so he should be able to carry out the coins in batches. Totally botched his thievery check, but if he trips anything, the rest of us should be safely out of harm's way.

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    As Tristram carries the few gold pieces from the pile out, the rest of the group searches the few other unexplored areas of the room, avoiding the traps Auntie Mab indicated. There is only one large, closed wooden door at the far end of the room leading out.

    OOC: Nothing left to uncover in this room. I can NPC Devinihm, but I will actually be traveling starting Thursday June 23rd until June 30th. I may have little contact OR lots (due to free time. Please continue this great RP and action!

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    Block dimsdale

    Max moves closer to the closed door. Using the light from the sunrod he scans the room again.

    OOC: perception check: 1d20+6 = 16

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    Jonathan steps carefully toward the unexplored door (map updated)

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    Nothing jumps out at you.

    Perception 24
    The door does not appear trapped on this side, it has also been used recently

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    Dante walks to the center of the room and picks up his sunrod and moves towards the door.
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    Even the tables are against our quest! Draglin shouts. Yelping in pan. Have at thee, dark table! he says, slashing it to pieces. Never again shall thee attack one again!

    Stand aside, Draglin shall find the traps for you. He announces, moving up to the door and poking it with his sword. Careful, it may strike at any moment!
    OOC: Map updated. Double move OK?

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    The table, already decrepit with age and disarmed by Auntie Mab, shatters at Draglin's attack. His shouts reverberate in the small room, but the door does nothing when poked.

    OOC: Heh, what a group Alright, you can TRY to open the door. Or you can just stand and look at it.

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    Foul carving, thou darest not open! Draglin shouts, forgetting to try the handle. Have at thee! he says, kicking the door down.

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    Block dimsdale

    Max follows in the path of destruction created by the dragonborn. The warlord chuckles to himself. This guy grows on you after awhile.

    ooc: movement updated on map

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