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    [Adventure] Dungeons and Them (DM:johnmeier1, judge:????)

    PC j player level
    Devinihm jkason 5
    Jonathan nerdytenor 5
    Auntie Mab pacdadj 7
    Draglin luinnar 7
    Max dimsdale 8

    DM: johnmeier1
    Title: Dungeons and Them


    The Earl of Jehosh and his estates are entering a desperate time in
    history of the family. Once a small yet prosperous holding north of
    Daunton, the surrounding farms have been plagued by worse and worse
    seasons as well as banditry. He has come to the city for supplies
    with his man-at-arms Randall but they need guards to escort the more
    obvious bounty through the troubled lands to their keep. If the
    bandits are confronted and defeated there would be additional

    This is a short adventure of three-four encounter and skill
    challenges. Randall will recruit at the Hanged Man Tavern a group of
    four to six guards. The Earldom of Jehosh can be added to the setting
    as a near territory to the city of Daunton if there is interest.
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