Issue 1: Brazil

Welcome to Issue two of Mutant Apocalypse!
Last issue, our intrepid team, working on behalf of the Gryphon Corporation and Drake center, successfully infiltrated the mutant terrorist group run by a strange hive mind. The Hive persona they have made contact with so far is an old man in a cabin in the rocky mountains of Montana, known as Gabriel Phoenix.
Also linked to the terrorist group is James Gryphon, son and heir to Robert Gryphon, the current head of the Gryphon Corporation. Obviously the old man wants to know why his son has joined such a volatile group.

To gain Phoenix's trust, the team went to South America to 'liberate' a trapped mutant, Laura Vioricta, who has since joined them.


BBs - Laura Vioricta
JKason - Terry Quinlan aka The Grid
Shayuri - Cassandra Allen, the Telekinetic Journalist
Voda Vosa - Uomo Nascosto/Vittorio di la Croce/twenty seven other names
Walking Dad - Jacob Calvins, AKA Frost
And Zerith as Felix the werecat

<Begin Issue two: A plane lands in Las Vegas, with six seemingly ordinary passengers on a journey that is anything but.>

By the time the group has reached the airport, they seem to have come to the general consensus (albeit a bit grumpily for some) that the lab is the best destination, and so board their plane.
The flight is not be overly long, and soon enough they are in Vegas. After touching down, Grid is able to do some recon while they head towards their destination..

Grid's Computer

"You're right, it is easier than doing it yourself, but they're still the bad guys. Just because they helped one girl doesn't mean they're good. Why cant you work with those Drake guys, or start your own team? Why the Hive?"

If Grid intends to go for a Military Satellite, he'll need a DC 30 Tech check (35 if he wants his hack unnoticed. Military Satellites tend to be monitored more frequently than civilian.
Also, once you get within range, Grid'll need another tech check to try to hack into their personal systems.

Do you guys intend to go there directly or do anything else in town before hand? It's currently about 4pm, do you Wait for nightfall? What's the plan of attack, or are you going to hole up somewhere while you devise one?

Shayuri, what kind of article is Cass posting via Grid?

And Finally, when I get a chance I'll give you each those extra points I was talking about earlier.

PS, just FYI, a non-stop commercial flight from Spokane (Where the cabin was near) to Hong Kong would be about 13-14 hours. Private jet could probably do it in about 10-12. AND Uomo DOES know a teleporter, but whether or not Gryphon could make that big of a jump is another question.