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    Look Ma! I'm only 3 1/2 issues behind!

    Working on finishing issue#10, then the heartbreaking issue#11 and its aftermath in 12. In fact the ramifications are felt in issues 13 and 14 also.
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    issue #10, part II

    Somewhere under the waters in Boston Harbor, in a hidden base, Armando Montoya floated, his internal organs, mainly his throat and lungs were slowly being healed by a combination of antibiotics and nanomachines in a viscous fluid. Valor McCoy monitored the system while the Mark IV maintenance robot cleaned the medlab of the glass and liquid residue from the small battle between Zephyr and Somnus. The rest of the team patrolled Boston, looking for the Crowns of Krim and the Star of Karnak. It was late in the evening.

    Jae Sun took the low roads and rode the trains in the metropolitan area. Slipstream buzzed around the streets. Dragonfist on his hoverbike and Cosmic Knight in his power suit monitored the skies. Much to Jae Sun’s chagrin, Darkfire had turned off her communicator for some unknown reason. As he rode the T and thought about things some more, his annoyance became concern. The nightmarish unicorn aspect of Darkfire more and more seemed to be the preferred form.

    His holographic wrist communicator beeped. A small image of Slipstream’s face appeared.

    “Yoh! Jae Son. I heard somethin’ kinda funny as I was passing by MIT. Gonna check it out. See ya.”

    “I will be with you shortly. Contact the others,” replied the detective.

    He walked towards the end of the train car and opened the door disappearing in a flash of light.

    “Huh? What was that?” exclaimed a half-asleep occupant—the only other that had been in car with Jae Sun.

    When he received no answer, he adjusted the backpack that he was using as a pillow and went back to sleep.


    Slipstream slowed down near a building that contained several laboratories. Coincidentally, he remembered, Valor McCoy’s labs were housed within. Smoke poured from one of the windows and despite the fire, it was eerily quiet.

    Then he heard Jae Sun sprinting across the quadrangle. He pointed towards the shattered windows and smoke then he sped up to the main door and phased through. In seconds he arrived in the lab. It was a ruin. Scour marks from blaster fire marred the walls. The electronic equipment was destroyed and sparking and the glassware had been broken and strewn all over. But what was worse were the dead bodies of what he guessed were Valor’s students and technicians. The back of his neck tingled as arcs of electricity coursed across the computers and spectroscopy machines.

    He spun around on instinct and there before him materialized a robot!

    “What the--? You look like you just came out of a Terminator movie!” he exclaimed surprised as he searched through his mental database to place the robot and the villain who had sent it.

    He blasted the machine anyway, but the energy seemed to dissipate when it struck the corona of electricity that surrounded it. The robot mouthed something unintelligible and some of the arcs coalesced near its eyes shooting out electric fire.

    “Yeowwww!” cried Slipstream and he leaped from one of the shattered windows.

    At that moment, Jae Sun arrived into the devastation. Detecting no other targets , the destroid turned on the detective and before he could act let loose two more beams from its electric eyes. Jae Sun screamed as he caught fire. The attack had been two quick for him to dodge. He sunk to his knees and then did a face plant on the tile floor, severely burned.


    Cosmic Knight was humming and thinking of a young woman—blonde-hair, blue eyes. That she happened to be a super thief and a member of GRAB was irrelevant. She was imprinted in his mind and he was in love with her.

    His musings were interrupted as Jae Sun called him.

    “Trouble at MIT. Home in on Slipstream’s or my signal.”

    Dragonfist rode up to where Cosmic Knight was acknowledging Jae Sun’s transmission.

    “You know,” he commented. “She likes me more. After all she charmed me first.”

    Inside his helmet, Theo looked at him incredulously as he punched his bike across the Charles towards the university.

    “Oh, yeah? I’ll show you!”

    Cosmic Knight nodded his head and set the thrusters to full throttle. He roared past Dragonfist and was soon at the building…the building were he worked. Horror crept over him as he saw Slipstream leap from the window trailing fire. Seconds later, he saw the “terminator” robot appear. Instinctively, he fired, but the creature merely absorbed the plasma blast. Then it looked at him and fired its eye beams. They tore through his hardened armor plating and burned him badly. He shot up into the sky.

    “What is this thing? Where are the others?”

    “Gotta get Jae Sun! Call Valor and tell him the bad news,” responded Slipstream.

    “How many?” asked Theo his voice trailing off as the horrible possibilities sunk in.

    Meanwhile, Slipstream, ran to the side of the building and leapt back to the 7th floor crashing through another window and into the lab hopefully on the flank of the destroid. He reached the fallen form of Jae Sun, barely breathing and grabbed it sliding behind some shelves and machinery as the robot turned to the sound of his entry. One of the beams skinned his shoulder and melted the refrigerator in front of him. His flesh sizzled, but fortunately, it was just a flesh wound.

    “Dang, Jae Son. Sorry for leaving you, but we’ll soon be safe.”

    He thought he heard the detective groan. Considering the state of his burned body, that was a good sign. Slipstream shot through an open door and out the back, but then around the front as he heard the screams of innocents. The destroid had turned his attention to the unlucky students that were crossing the quadrangle this late in the evening. He put Jae Sun down behind some bushes, stabilized him and ran out to confront the deadly robot. Somehow the ‘bot had missed its intended targets who were running away back the way they came.

    Slipstream got the machine’s attention back with a sonic blast.

    “Over here, big ugly. Pick on me!”

    Cosmic Knight was trying to repair internal systems and put out the fire in his suit. He continued to fly higher.

    Dragonfist arrived and homed in on the fried form of Jae Sun Lee, stabilized thanks to Slipstream’s molecular re-rearrangement power. He narrowed his eyes and looked across the courtyard. Slipstream dodged another set of eye beams from a scary looking robot that stood in the sill of a shattered window.

    He began to work himself into a frenzy, “No one hurts one of my teammates and friends! Robot, you will soon be scrap!”

    He spun his hoverbike around and shot towards the robot. Slipstream caught on, realizing that energy blasts would not take the destroid down, he too decided to engage in melee. A second or two ahead of Dragonfist, the speedster ran and smacked the robot. Electricity coursed though his veins as his fist penetrated some sort of force field.

    “Man! That hurt me more than you, probably.”

    He thought he saw the thing grin. Slipstream heard the whine of engines and looked over his shoulder. Dragonfist was bearing down on them with an angry face. The speedster flattened out and rolled away. Dragonfist turned the bike at the last second and leaped across the empty space seven floors high with a war cry. His bike tumbled away on horizontal trajectory, but Dragonfist flew. He pulled his fist back and it began to glow, and then as he landed in front of the destroid, connected. The robot burst into many pieces and Dragonfist cried out in triumph.

    Slipstream brought him back to reality, “Whoa, dude. Dragonfist, Smash!”

    The red haze of anger left and Dragonfist stood panting, spent by the incredible effort. Cosmic Knight flew in ready to rumble like his companions. He was briefly disappointed at missing all the fun. However, looking around at the scene and the blasted corpses of his lab-mates sobered him. Cosmic Knight stood in silence letting his arms droop to his sides, now suddenly emotionally drained.

    Even Dragonfist’s final husky remark of “Now she’ll like me even more,” was lost on him.


    Valor stood over every one of the bodies in silence as the police and forensics lined them in the courtyard. Jae Sun, now miraculously recovered and wrapped in blankets, and Slipstream talked with PRIMUS agents. Cosmic Knight, not being able to handle all the emotions coursing through his mind, had left without explanation. Dragonfist brooded.

    Valor McCoy was disappointed in his last surviving student and after apologizing to Roger and Shannon, Bill, Rhonda, Prakash, and Michael for driving them so hard that they all had to be at the lab late at night, walked over to Jae Sun and Slipstream.

    “It’s all my fault. I think I need to hang up my armor and stop trying to be a superhero. I don’t think I can take more people that I care about, dying.”

    “Valor, we need you,” responded Jae Sun.

    Valor shrugged his shoulders.

    sigh... “Gotta go make a police report, then I’m going back to base to check on Armando. After that, I think I’ll pack up my things and take a vacation. Maybe I’ll go back out to New Mexico.”

    He changed into his heroic form—black armor telescoped around his body--and flew towards the harbor.

    “I do not think this was related to our current search, and I feel that there is more to come this night.”

    Slipstream nodded his head. He knew where the robot had come from but kept it to himself.

    “Let us regroup at the base. See if you can contact Cosmic Knight. I will grab Anaka.”

    The leaders parted company and headed off into the Boston night.
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    These threads can just die if you don't keep up. Well the conclusion to the latest issue is forming in my head. Hopefully, it will be up this week!

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    Being burnt to a crispy critter is not how I like to start the game. That blast was an area effect weapon. No room to dodge, it targeted to only normal looking guy in the room. It does not pay to travel with Legion Extreme. Good thing they saved me from being pan fried asian cuisine. ( I am asian so I can tease myself. ) A lot of people died on this one. Doctor Destroyer is the one to blame. I really need to improve Jae Sun Lee's abilities and powers.

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    issue#10, part III

    Valor we need you…need you….need you

    Valor McCoy woke with a start, the voice of Jae Sun Lee still ringing in his head. He shook himself and slapped his face forgetting were he was and when he had dozed off. A police detective offered him a cup. He took a sip of the very hot coffee and burned his tongue. There was a lot of moving and bustling. He was on a chair in a corridor at MIT. Forensics experts were picking through the rubble of what had been his lab. He remembered that the bodies had already been sent to the coroner’s office. Valor felt sick. He had hoped that it was a nightmare, but the death of his students and technicians—except for Theo Coolidge—was still true.

    “You can go home now professor,” said one of the uniformed police officers.

    Valor grunted and grabbed his coat eventually bursting into the cold winter night. He had to draft letters tomorrow to the families of his employees and did not relish the prospect. Right now he had to get his mind thinking about something else. The echoes of his dream reverberated in his mind. He radioed Jae Sun who gave him an affirmative that Legion Extreme had re-grouped at S.U.B., then morphed into his symbiotic night black suit of armor and headed towards Boston Harbor.


    “Just relax, Cosmic Knight. We have an idea.”

    Jae Sun smiled as Somnus and Valor flanked Cosmic Knight.

    “It would be better, I think if he lay down or at least sat,” said Valor.

    “So what’s this all about?” asked the power-armored hero folding his metal arms.

    Valor sighed, “Well, according to Hummingbird’s profile, she uncontrollably imprints some sort of emotional control over those unwitting men that she mind controls. Somnus and I hit on the idea that perhaps we could locate her through you.”

    Not knowing what to expect Cosmic Knight sat down. Somnus reached into his mind first and stimulated certain synapses to make him more controllable and docile. As his Ego was reduced, Valor entered into the recesses of his student’s mind. He expanded his mental vision to all of Boston searching through memories and the mental impressions of millions of people. Fatigue quickly set in and Jae Sun had to support Valor McCoy as he began to shudder. Somnus continued to drain Cosmic Knight’s brain to reduce the strain of the mental search on his friend and rival.

    “There..something…faint…,” muttered Valor

    Then he met a solid wall of resistance and was shut out. He fell limp in Jae Sun’s arms.
    Seconds later, he opened his eyes.

    “Marriott…Copley Square. But they know we’re coming.”

    “Then we have no time to lose,” said Jae Sun.

    He hit his communicator and typed in the common frequency, “Legion Extreme, assemble!”


    In no time, they were circling the hotel. Nonchalantly, Valor McCoy approached the clerk at the front desk.

    “Have you seen….,” he proceeded to give a description of whom he and Jae Sun had deduced were members of GRAB.

    “Sir, we are not allowed to give out information about our guests.”

    As soon as Valor had gotten the young man thinking about the strikingly beautiful women in GRAB, he probed the normal’s mind.

    Oh yes…he had definitely seen Hummingbird and possibly Blue Jay…and recently.

    “Can you tell me what room they might be in. I am Valor Mcoy, world renowned scientist and superhero ?” Valor persisted.

    “I don’t care if you’re Pedro Martinez! We cannot give out that kind of information.”

    But…with his mind, the clerk already had.

    Valor smiled, “Thank you.”

    He walked into the main lobby and reported, “Room 2112, gentlemen.”

    The security guard and clerk were startled when a flash zipped past them and into the stairwell. Seconds later an eight-foot tall black-furred werewolf tore through the same space. Outside, Dragonfist landed on the roof and smashed through the outer door taking the stairs down to cut off any escape. Cosmic Knight flew around the building for that same purpose, while Somnus flew above the hotel just in case GRAB got through everyone else.

    Slipstream arrived at the door to Room 2112 first and broke down the door without a second’s thought. A quick survey revealed the room to have been hastily vacated.

    “Stay frosty, dudes. Valor’s right. They’re on to us,” he called over the com-link.

    As soon as he signed off a buzzing began in his inner ear.

    Wouldn’t be a great idea if you went and caught some tasty waves in SAN DIEGO?! came a sultry feminine voice.

    “Yah! Great idear.”

    Slipstream back down twenty-one flights of stairs in less than a second, warping the railing and scorching the stairs. The next second, he was miles away from Boston heading west.

    Cosmic Knight received a powerful suggestion as well. Somnus watched as he flew towards Kenmore Square. Muscling his way past the bouncer, the armored hero was soon getting’ jiggy on the dance floor of the Avalon club.

    Despite being forewarned, Dragonfist too succumbed. He decided to go back up to the roof and see if he could jump from the top and survive.

    The Warwolf, hearing the reports from his Somnus and Valor about the others, stopped in his tracks.

    “Perhaps, the Detective would be more suited to this type of adversary,” he thought aloud.

    Ducking into a laundry room, the Warwolf allowed Jae Sun Lee to manifest. Casually, Jae Sun took the elevator to the lobby. There, sitting and chatting like old friends were Valor McCoy and the super-thief Bluejay. He did not see the pesky mentalist Hummingbird anywhere.

    “Why the tricks, Bluejay?” Jae Sun asked interrupting her and Valor’s discussion of avionics.

    “We felt that the two of you were more reasonable. Why are you looking for us?”

    “I think we have both lost something that we would like back,” replied Jae Sun

    She laughed, “Oh you mean the Star. We have given up. Cat’ left. Rob and Black Diamond are recovering. Hummingbird and I are just trying to relax a little. However…we wouldn’t mind getting another crack at Temblor. He really beat up Robert pretty bad.”


    Somewhere in Nebraska, Slipstream came to a screeching halt, inadvertently creating Farmer Ted’s new irrigation ditch. He screamed in frustration at the realization of being duped and then turned around and headed back towards Boston.

    Dragonfist after Somnus ego drained and then put him to sleep, collapsed two feet from the edge of the roof.

    Cosmic Knight continued to get a groove on….

    “Then help us find the Crowns of Krim.”

    “What’s in it for us?”

    Valor jumped in “Well for one--”

    “Fer One—we won’t turn ya in for being the supervillians that you are!” shouted Slipstream materializing in the room.

    Bluejay leaped to her feet and pointed her formidable powered armor arsenal at the men.

    “Hold on, Slipstream. We are trying to negotiate.”

    Valor stood and interposed himself between the two.

    “Mr. McCoy is correct. Let us not resort to hostilities. A temporary alliance may be beneficial. After all, ‘The enemy of my enemy is my friend.’”

    Slipstream rolled his eyes, “Don’t give me none of that Sun Tzu . They’re baddies and need to go to jail. I’ve already given the Champions a heads up about the other one you let get away.”

    He gave Jae Sun a dirty look.

    “And Riptide, Slipstream?” Jae Sun replied calmly.

    The speedster hesitated…

    “Umm that’s different,” said Slipstream averting Jae Sun’s hard gaze and blushing slightly.

    “Then it is settled. We will help each other.”

    “If you can keep your boy in check,” added Bluejay pointing to Slipstream, “then we agree.”

    Jae Sun and Valor offered their hands and Bluejay shook them daintily with a smirk. Then she extended her hand to Slipstream. At first he refused to take it provoking a stern look from Jae Sun Lee.

    “Oh, alright. But fer the record, Ah don’t like it…at all.”

    As they shook hands, Jae Sun added, “Very well, let us retire and meet at first light at this address.”

    He handed Bluejay a card.

    “Slipstream, please collect the others. Tomorrow, I fear, will be a long day.”

    End Issue # 10
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    Where are all the other Legionnaires?

    Page 4 Indeed!

    But since there was actually a response that brought us to over 2000 views

    I think I will attach Dark Seraph as a reward
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    Great post! I think it is pretty cool for Valor McCoy to not totally throw in the towel and punk out of being a hero.

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    Hopefully the beginning of the next issue will be up in a day or two.

    Had a great excursion to Big Bend National Park and did the Outer Mountain Loop. Felt like a real super-hero when we were done, but really wished I had bought some Flying.

    EDIT: Within a week?
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    When will they all find out about the outcome of a most viscious battle? The truth must be told. "Long live Legion Extreme!"

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    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    I'm sure that you're tired of excuses, but yet again I did not get to the post

    Too much turkey today....YAWN....
    Tommorrow, I'm going to Las Vegas and won't be back until Monday. Don't know if I'll have access to a computer. That means the fate of Legion Extreme will not be revealed until after I return. Sorry...

    Suffices to say that I need to write Issues #11, 12, 13, and 14...which is where we left off and picked up the FR campaign again (see sig !)

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