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    doghead's pbp thread

    the doggess
    - my games -


    * MKM - Mad Kings Monkey -[#37]
    * * a home-brew Pathfinder Epic6 game.

    * Dungeon World - From the Outside -[#]
    * * a home-brew Pathfinder Epic6 game.


    * kore | kingdom of harmony I - [#04]
    * * a home-brew feudal Japan analogue Core Rules DnD3.5 game.

    * kore | kingdom of harmony II - [#06]
    * * a home-brew feudal Japan analogue Core Rules Gestalt GnG DnD3.5 game.

    * nameless -[#13]
    * * a home-brew vanilla fantasy medieval Classless GnG DnD3.5 game.

    * shamutanti hills - [#14]
    * * a stolen fantasy medieval Psionic GnG DnD3.5 game.

    * D1 Ashin's Commission - [#24]
    * * a Living EnWorld game.

    * D2 Lost Manor - [#25]
    * * a Living EnWorld game.

    * Calibration - [#27]
    * * a home-brew Steampunk Classless GnG DnD3.5 game.

    * Bifyrd-Feron Adventures - [#28]
    * * a home-brew vanilla fantasy medieval Iron Gauntlets game.

    * Underdogs - [#32]
    * * a home-brew vanilla fantasy medieval Grell (Half-Orc) GnG DnD3.5 game.

    * Junk Yard Dogs - [#33]
    * * an Imperial Forces Star Wars Sage Edition game.

    * Dogville - [#36]
    * * a stolen setting Seat-of-the-Pants DnD3.5 game.

    the dogs of the pack
    - my characters -


    * Attila, female mutant giant spider Cleric of Droainon, the Goddess of Water and Sorrow - [#38]
    * * in Mark Chance's City of the Sleeping Deamon, an Old School Mash Up game.


    * Bruder, male human - [#02]
    * * in Kuro's Sick'nTwisted, a D20 CoC game.

    * Hoegor, male human Barbarian - [#05]
    * * in Jemal's New Heros Arise, a D&D3.5 game.

    * Xaio Yu, male human Monk from the Far East - [#07]
    * * in Guilt Puppy's A Game of Trust, a DnD3.5 game.

    * Sylinda Heartmantle, female human Druid / Swanmay - [#09]
    * * in Isida Kep'Tukari's For the Greater Good, a Forgotten Realms game.

    * Ben Derrich, male human mercenary - [#10]
    * * in DralonXitz's The Silent Trinity, a Star Wars d20 game.

    * Tsu'koka, male hobgoblin SongSpeaker (Bard) - [#11]
    * * in Uriel's Remnants of the Horde, a World of Warcraft game.

    * Marcus Romeri, male human Roma (gypsy) - [#12]
    * * in Manzanita's Crossed Paths, a D&D game.

    * Lucan of Oludan, male human monastic cleric of Kossuth - [#15]
    * * in Silentspace's Storm's of Change, a homebrew D&D game.

    * 'he has no name', warforged psychic warrior - [#16]
    * * in Urko's Q'Barre: Into the Emerald Forest, an Eberron game.

    * Jianna, female human Charismatic half-celestial Daemon Hunter - [#17]
    * * in Krug's Once Upon a Time in the Weird West, a D20 Modern Fantasy homebrew game.

    * Iannja, female Arcane Touched Bloodborn elf - [#18]
    * * in dave_o's Rivets Eternal: Metal Men and Fleshy Cogs, a homebrew Steampunk D&D game.

    * Rain, female moon elf sorcerer - [#19]
    * * in Verbatim's XXX, a Forgotten Realm's game.

    * Jaan Saaresar of Osilia, male human Warrior Servant of the Greenman - [#20]
    * * in Living EnWorld - Limbo -

    * Saanath male human Merchant Adventurer - [#21]
    * * in Maerdwyn's High Law & Low Justice, a D20 Traveller game.

    * Xavier Roces, male human noble born Warrior Servant of Hieronious - [#22]
    * * in DarkMaster's Hero of Mergovie, a DnD 3.5 game.

    * Minala, Female Feral (1) Anthropomorphic African Elephant (5) Barbarian (2) - [#23]
    * * in Eluvan's A Hopeless Beginning, a Planescape game.

    * Victims of the Great Crash of May 2006 - [#26]
    * * Mikal, male human peasant in Karl Green's WHFRP game.
    * * Multiple, male human scout in Karl Green's Witch Fire Chronicles, an Iron Kingdoms game.
    * * Helsinki, female H3 unit, Insertion and Investigation, Stalker genetype (H3II.s) in herobizkit's Helix Gambit, a D20 Modern game.

    * Hiitar Vain, male Tiefling Soldier of the Kingsmarch - [#29]
    * * in Isida Kep'Tukari's The True Kings, a Dawnforged game.

    * Helsinki, female Gunslinger - [#30]
    * * in Watus's BIG DAMN HEROS, a Firefly D20 Modern game.

    * Wolfgang Meijer, German Engineer - [#31]
    * * in Yellowsign's For Queen and Country, a Space: 1889 game.

    * Ur'nagi, Female Goblin Outcast Wolf Rider - [#34]
    * * in Strahd_Von_Zarovich's Yar Gock, a DnD3.5 Goblin game.

    * Lazarius Jones, male human Wizard - [#35]
    * * In Vigwyn the Unruly's The Transmuter's Last Touch, a DnD3.5 game.

    * Wei Hasic, male human MechPilot - [#39]
    * * In Douane's MechWarrior: Days of the Jackel, a MechWarrior game.

    * Hella na Haerad, female human Sorcerer - [#41]
    * * In Sparky's Tales around the Campfire, a DnD storytelling game.

    * Devlin Tremblane, male human Noble ISB Agent - [#42]
    * * In Ankh-Morpork Guard's Galactic Empire: Serving the New Order, an imperial Forces Star Wars D20 game.

    * Hinjo, male human barbarian - [#43]
    * * In Voadam's Death in Freeport, a City of Freeport DnD3.5 game.

    * Attila

    * Wisco

    * Narancasta, Siva, Bejila and Xim


    * Telic Freeman, Itinerant Warrior Servant of God - [#08]
    * * in DarkMaster's Hero of Mergovie, a DnD3.5 game.
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    Bruder: Ghjost Walker

    Bruder has left the building.
    * ic [CoC] Kuro's Sick and Twisted (Fresh Meat)
    * ooc [CoC] Kuro's Sick and Twisted game.
    Note: Basically, this CoC game self distructed when the GM disappeared. Pity. Bruin was a kick ass playing companion, and Master Pugs and Majin looked like no slouches during the short time they got. This game rocked, until it rolled over and died.

    If any GMs out there are interested in picking up the character, email me. I'd really like find out what the story is and where it leads.

    Bruder, Ghjost Walker. RIP.

    Str: 10
    Dex: 10
    Con: 13 (+1)
    Int: 13 (+1)
    Wis: 14 (+2)
    Cha: 16 (+3)


    :: height: 6'1"
    :: weight: 200lbs

    :: Craft-Mech (base 2) His job.
    :: Repair-Auto (base 4) His job.
    :: Drive-Bike (base 4) His thing.
    :: Craft-Cooking 5 (base 4, int+1) His hobby.
    :: Spot 6 (base 4, wis+2) On a bike, your awareness is your crumple zone.
    :: Know-PopCulture 5 (base 4, int+1) Once a big manga/anime fan.
    :: Listen 5 (base 3, wis+2) See spot.
    :: TreatInjury 5 (base3, wis+2) Does some work at the local race track with a riders club. Took a first aide course.
    :: Know-Streetwise 3 (base 2, int+1) Likes the odd puff.
    :: Bluff 5 (base 2, cha+3, emp+lvl) He's a mechanic: "Looks bad ... "
    :: SenceMotive 4 (base2, wis+2, emp+Lvl) See above.

    :: Empathy


    :: a rebuilt Buell motorbike.
    :: an old 45 automatic pistol and some ammo
    :: an assortment of ordinary clothes.
    :: one dark blue suit
    :: a quite extensive collection of manga in boxes
    :: an old F100 truck
    :: an old 3 bedroom house with a garage. The third room is empty but for a punching bag and some weights in one corner. The truck is parked in the driveway as the space in the garage is taken up by half a dozen old bikes in various stages of repair. Bruder hates to see stuff thrown away. One, a Suzuki 750, is in almost working order, it just needs some bits reattached.
    :: a half decent stero system
    :: a mixed bunch of CDs
    :: a well stocked fridge - on thing Bruder does get around to is cooking.


    Bruder is dead, he just doesn't know it yet. Not "dead" as in the gangster movie "You're a dead man, Bruder!" "dead". But "dead" as in not living at this time.

    Of course there are lots of things that Bruder does not know. How to calculate a price-earnings ratio. The difference between Merlot and Shiraz. Angela Jolie's phone number. Useful things to know, certainly. But not quite as ... significant.

    He does know that things got pretty f**ked up recently. He knows that since then he can't seem to get his eyes to focus properly on people. He keeps seeing double, like those shadowy images, but with the colours all out of wack, that you get on your TV when the tuning is out. And he doesn't breath any more. He can if he thinks about it, but when he stops thinking about it, he stops breathing. And his heart stops beating. He hasn't been to a doctor because, quite frankly, he doesn't know what to say. "Hi Doc. I don't seem to be breathing and my heart keeps stopping."

    And then there is the sword. It looks kind of like a Japanese katana, but more industrial. He took it down to an antique shop one time, but the way the guy in the shop acted was kreepy. Or perhaps it was the colours. So he took it back and fled. He wished that he hadn't gone there now, the sense that he was being followed and watched started soon after that. The sword is under the couch now.

    But give the guy a break. If you woke up each day, shat, showered and shaved, you wouldn't think that you were dead, would you. The old lady down at the little corner shop still calls him "dearie". The hookers down the street still ask him if he wants a little company. The customers at the bike shop still keep trying to hang around and make suggestions while he is working on their bikes.

    What would you think?

    To top it off, its hasn't been Bruder's month. He has been having some bad dreams lately. Faces and voices, deamons from his past haunt him, taunt him. Each morning he wakes up exausted, the sheets damp with sweat. And his motor contral is going to s**t. The other day he couldn't ge a bl**dy cigarette out of the softpack. He got so pissed off that eventually just ripped the pack apart, along with most of the cigarettes inside.

    Bruder's currrent motor control is the residual from his living life. But he is gradually losing that. He has to learn how to control his actions through his spirit. Its a difficult task, and many fail. The dreams are the manifestation of the Ghjost Walker who is trying to guide Bruder to mastery. They are dark and violent because Bruder is resisting them.


    Each night Bruder has to make some sort of DC check to see if he has mastered the lesson. Initial lessons would be focused on gaining control and arresting the decay. Lessons then progress onto mastery which can lead to a level of physical ability beyond what originally existed. Perhaps there are a succesion of DC checks of increasing difficulty. Enhancement would be quite difficult.

    The sword is a manifestation from the ghost world. A talisman or avatar. Bruder was big into manga and anime as a kid, particulaly anything samurai related. His mastering of the spirit mastery need to survive is not going well as he is reluctant to handle the sword.
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    Dead Game

    kore | kingdom of harmony I
    Note: a dnd feudal japan homebrew. started Aug 04. this was my first attempt with the kore setting.

    * ooc [dnd] Weekenders Game Checking Interest
    * ooc [dnd] Weekenders/Kore Game Development
    * ooc [dnd] kore | kingdom of harmony
    * rg [dnd] kore | kingdom of harmony
    * ic [dnd] kore | kingdom of harmony
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    Inactive Character

    Hoegor in Jemal's New Heros Arise
    * recruiting Newbies Only
    * ic New Heros Arise
    * ooc New Heros Arise
    Note: This was the first game I joined. It was a newbie game, back in the day when I was. The best part of this game was winding up the paladin. It was hard to pull the plug on it.The fact that the paladin's ghost (Thels) had gone AWON made it easier.

    Hoegor, male human Barbarian 2

    STR: 14 Bonus +2 (Rage: 18/+4)
    DEX: 14 Bonus +2
    CON:14 Bonus +2 (Rage: 18/+4)
    INT:14 Bonus +2
    WIS:14 Bonus +2
    CHA:16 Bonus +3

    * Fort: +5 [Base 3, +2Con]
    * Ref: +2 [Base 0, +2 Dex]
    * Will: +2 [Base 0, +2 Wis]

    * Light 40' (FastMove, Carry 58lbs)
    * Medium 30' (FastMove, Carry 116lbs, MaxDex +3, Check -3)
    * Heavy 20' (Carry 175lbs, MaxDex +1, Check -6)

    * Attacks 1
    * Melee +4 (Rage: +6*) [BAB +2, Str +2]
    * Ranged +4 [BAB +2, Dex+2]
    * Initiative +6 [Dex +2, ImpInitiative +4]
    * Armour Class 16 (14*) [Base 10, Armour +3, Dex +2, Shield +1]
    * HP 25 (Rage: 29*)

    * Short Spear (Dam 1d8 +2 (+4*), Crit x3, Rng 20')
    * Short Sword (Dam 1d6 +2 (+4*), Crit 19/20 x2)
    * Daggar (Dam1d4 +2 (+4*), Crit 19/20 x2, Rng 10')
    * ShortCompBow (Dam 1d6, Crit x3, Rng 70')

    * Alertness
    * CombatReflexes (add Attacks of Opportunity)
    * Improved Initiative
    * Rage* (1/day, +4 Str, +4 Con, +2 Moral, -2 AC, +2 HP/Lvl)
    * Fast Move (Mv +10ft with < Heavy armour or Load)
    * Uncanny Dodge (keep Dex bonus to AC)

    * Climb: 4 [Base 2, Str +2]
    * Handle Animal: 6 [Base 3, Cha +3]
    * Intimidate: 7 [Base 4, Cha +3]
    * Listen: 8 [Base 4, Wis +2, Alertness +2]
    * Ride: 4 [Base 2, Dex +2]
    * WildernessLore: 4 [Base 2, Wis +2]
    Cross Class
    * Bluff: 5 [Base 2, Cha +3]
    * MoveSilently: 3 [Base 1, Dex +2]
    * GatherInfo: 4 [Base 1, Cha +3]
    * SenseMotive: 4 [Base 2, Wis +2]
    * Spot: 6 [Base 2, Wis +2, Alert+2]
    * Literacy - Common [2]

    * Studded Leather (25lbs, AC +3, MaxDex +5, Check -1)
    * Small Shield (5lbs, AC +1, Check -1)
    ** Total [30 lbs]
    * Short Spear [5 lbs]
    * Short Sword [3 lbs]
    * Dagger x2 [2 lbs]
    * Composite Shortbow [2 lbs]
    * Arrows x20 [3 lbs]
    ** Total [15 lbs]
    Belt Pouch
    * Flint and Steel [n/a]
    * Sewing Needle [n/a]
    * AntiToxin [n/a]
    * Potion - CLW x2 [n/a]
    Backpack [2 lbs]
    * Bedroll [5 lbs]
    * Blanket [3 lbs]
    * Lantern - Hooded [2 lbs]
    * Waterskin [4 lbs (full)]
    * ColdWeather Outfit [7 lbs]
    * Travel Outfit [5 lbs]
    ** Total [28 lbs]

    STORM - Dog, Mastiff, 18 months, female, 110 lbs
    :: Pack Harness [4 lbs]
    :: Rations - Travel x4 [4 lbs]
    :: Waterskin - Small [2 lbs]
    :: Rope 50' - Silk [5 lbs]
    TEETH - Dog, Mastiff, 18 months, male, 130 lbs
    :: Pack Harness [4 lbs]
    :: Rations - Travel x3 [3 lbs]
    :: Waterskin - Small [2 lbs]
    :: Canvas 2 square yards [4 lbs]
    :: Lamp Oil x2 [2 lbs]
    GOD'S FOOT - Warhorse - Light
    :: Saddle Military [30 lbs]
    :: Saddlebags [8 lbs (empty)]
    ** Total [507 gp / n/a]

    NOTE: Hoegar usually puts the some of the gear on the horse when he is riding. ie Canvas, Rope, Backpack, Bedroll and Blanket as well as the Spears and Shield.

    :: PP 9 [ 5 BeltPouch, 2 each DogHarness]
    :: GP 50 [ 20 BeltPouch, 15 each DogHarness]
    :: SP 18 [ 18 BeltPouch]
    :: CP 20 [ 20 Beltpouch]

    Hoegor is a little shorter and leaner than most Barbarians. He has a stern face, slightly craggy features set around a classic roman nose. But he easily breaks into a smile in conversation.

    Hoegor continues to wear the traditional barbarian fur cloak. Underneath he wears a jacket and wool pants. His long hair is pulled back and tied with rag and plastered with white mud in the tradition of his people.

    Everything he has has a slightly old, out of style look. His short sword and spear are much the same as his ancestors would have used when the Barbarians were ransacking the Old Empire. Most of his stuff is indeed old, handed down through his family, maintained and repaired, tried and tested.

    If come across while travelling, Hoegor will as likely be found moving on foot, with his horse and dogs in tow.

    Hoegor father was a member of a Barbarian guard, and as soon as Hoegor was old enough he followed his father's footsteps. Not a particularly capable fighter, he relies on his wits and speed to prevent others from getting the jump on him in combat. These skills made him quite effective as a guard.

    Hoegor developed a real respect for the loyal, gentle, massive Mastiffs that helped guard the castle and animals. He spent a considerable amount of time with the Kennel Master developing his skills at training dogs. He bought and trained two puppies of his own - Storm and Teeth. He often spent days roaming the hills and forests around the city when they got old enough.

    Hoegor also got drawn into the politics of the city and he stumbled across a plot against his guard's patron, and while he was unable to prevent the assination of the patron, his knowledge enabled the guards to protect the family and ensure the son's succession.

    In return Hoegor was offered many things, but he reqested to be given a year to travel the world. It was granted. Before leaving, Hoegor purchased an aging Warhorse, Godsfoot, from one of the Captains of the Cavalry. Godsfoot got his name from his ability to keep his feet and flatten foes in battle. Two days later, in the cold halflight of dawn, he slipped through the gates with his horse and two massive dogs, and was gone. That was a month ago.
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    Dead Game

    kore | kingdom of harmony II
    Note: a gestault dnd/gng feudal japan homebrew. started Jun 04. Never got out of town unfortunately. Terminated Jul '04.

    Hiraku Human Male Cleric4/(Expert3/Warrior1)
    Thomas Hobbes
    Rukuro Human Male (Barbarian1/Fighter3)/Expert4
    Nac Mac Feegle
    Un-named, Human Male Monk4/Adept4
    Dr Zombie

    * ic [dnd] kore | kingdom of harmony
    * ooc [dnd] kore | kingdom of harmony
    * rg [dnd] kore | kingdom of harmony
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    Reactivated Character

    Xiao Yu in Guilt Puppy's Casual: A Game of Trust.
    * ic Casual I: A Game of Trust - page 19, post #772
    * ic Casual II: The fellowship of the White Dove
    * * Note: Xiao dropped out of the game to reappear in the next chapter ...
    * ic Casual III: Men in Black.
    * ic Casual IV: A Knight for a Pawn
    * ic Casual D&D V: The Tourne
    * ooc Casual: A Game of Trust.
    Note: Xiao is a human male Monk 3 from the far east (naturally). There was no RG thread for this game, we learnt about each other organically. We also made all our own rolls. Trying to think of a reason for him being in a western medieval setting was a bit of a challenge. Unfortunately, due to RL pressures, Xiao had to leave this great game (Jan 04). Fortunately for those who remain, its still running.

    But then he came back (May '05 - first post # XXX)

    Xiao Yu, male human Monk
    Xiao, Human, Male, Monk 3: XP4500; CR 3; Medium humanoid (human); HD 3d8+6, hp 26; Init + 3; Movement 40' (unencombered); AC 15 (+3 Dex, +2 Wis), Touch 13, FF 10; BAB/Grapple +2/+5, Attack QuarterStaff (+5, 1d6+3/1d6+3) Attack UnarmedStrike (+5, 1d6+3) Attack Crossbow heavy (+5, 1d10); SA Flurry of Blows; SQ Evasion; Sv Fort +5, Ref +6, Will +5; Abilities Str 16, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 13, Wis 14, Cha 11.; Align LN; Languages Middle Kingdom, Common.

    Skills: Concentrate 3/+5, Diplomacy 4/+4, Heal 1/+2, Hide 3/+5, Knowledge (arcana) 2/+2, Listen 3/+5, MvSilently 3/+5, Perform (recorder) 4/+4, SenceMotive 4/+6, Spot 3/+5, Tumble 5/+7

    Feats: Endurance, Combat Expertise, Improved Unarmed Strike, Improved Grapple, Deflect Arrows, Improved Disarm.

    SA Flurry Of Blows: (Xtra attack, +0/+0, Full Attack)
    SQ Evasion: (Reflex Save 1/2 Dam -> 0 Dam); Fast Move (+10ft with no armour & light load), Still Mind (+2 Sv vs Enchantment)


    Traveller Outfit, Staff (0gp), 2 x Sai (2gp), 10 x Shuriken (2gp), Masterwork Crossbow heavy (350gp) + 10 bolts (1gp), Masterwork Recorder (300gp), SmokeStick (20gp)

    Backpack (2gp): [Blanket (5sp), WaterSkin (1gp),4 x Trail Rations (2gp), Scroll Case (1gp) + 5 x Paper Sheets (2gp), Writing Kit (12gp), Healers Kit (50gp), Soap (5sp), 2 x Smokestick (40gp).]

    [Total: 786]


    2 x Pearls (200gp), 86gp.


    A little shorter and a little stockier than average, he wears a straw hat shaped like a wide upturned bowl and a knee length cloak that has no parting at the front.

    When travelling, a staff will be found in his right hand and, sometimes, his hat in his left, revealing closely cropped black hair. On his back is a pack, from which hangs a heavy, and heavily decorated, crossbow. It is attached by a strip of cloth, knotted in such a way that would seem to allow quick removal.


    Xiao is a bastard. His father was a Merchant Explorer who arrived on their shores. For a year he and his crew lived amoung Xiao's people as they traded and filled their holds. He took a woman. Or she took him. The stories were unclear on that point. Evasive almost. He left. He took some artifacts from the shrine, but left the woman.

    Xiao only vaguely remembers his mother. A wild, wonderful, dark, dangerous presence in his past. He was brought up by various aunts and uncles, but mostly by the monks at the shrine, where he spent most of his boyhood years.

    He found out about the artifacts after he was accepted. He set off to find his father and return the artifacts some time after that.
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    Dead Character

    Telic Freeman, Itinerant Servant of God in DarkMaster's Hero of Mergovie
    * ooc 1 The Hero of Mergovie
    * ic 1 The Village of Prumen
    * ic 2 Vengeance in Mornonas
    Note: Telic is a Human Male Paladin of Freedom 3 (Liberator). He was another abandoned shell (Nac Mac Feegle). I picked him up few pages into the second ic thread, and its been a wild ride since. Not sure if he is going to live to see the end of the thread.

    He didn't. Died Dec 2004, ic 2, page 14.

    After Telic, I drew up Xavier Roces, a noble born paladin of Hieroneous.


    Telic Freeman, male human Freedom Paladin (Liberator) 3

    ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Good
    HEIGHT: 5'8"
    WEIGHT: 151 lbs
    HAIR: Blond
    EYES: Blue
    AGE: 25
    XP: 3225

    HIT DICE: 3d10 + 6 (hp 27)
    ARMOUR CLASS: 16 [+2 Dex, +4 armor]
    INITIATIVE: +2 [+2 Dex]
    SPEED: 30ft

    BASE MELEE: +5 [+3 base, +2 Str]
    * greatsword +7 melee (2d6+3, 20x4)
    BASE RANGE: +5 [+3 base, +2 Dex]

    * Smite Evil (xx) - 1/day,

    * Human Traits.
    * Aura of Good (Ex)
    * Detect Evil (Sp)
    * Divine Grace (Su)
    * Lay on Hands (Su)
    * Aura of Determination (Su)
    * Divine Health (Ex)

    * Fortitude +7 [+3 base, +2 Con, +2 Cha]
    * Reflex +5 [+1 base, +2 Dex, +2 Cha]
    * Willpower +4 [+1 base, +1 Wis, +2 Cha]

    ABILITIES: Str 15, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 14.

    * Bluff +7 [5 ranks, +2 Cha]
    * Handle Animal +7 [5 ranks, +2 Cha]
    * Perform (Stringed Instrument) +5 [3 cc ranks, +2 Cha]
    * Concentration +3 [1 rank, +2 Con]
    * Ride +3 [1 rank, +2 Dex]

    * Exotic WP (Greatsword)
    * Weapon Focus (Greatsword)
    * Dodge

    LANGUAGES: Mergovian

    * Masterwork Chain Shirt [200 dr]
    * Masterwork Mercurial Greatsword [500 dr]
    * Lute [5 dr]
    * Belt pouch [1 dr]
    * 5 Sunrods [10 dr]
    * Holy Symbol (Silver) [25 dr]
    * 2 Thunderstones [60 dr]
    * 49 gp


    Telic is shorter than average, relatively thin, with dirty blond hair and blue eyes. He carries a large greatsword slung over his back in a travel stained sheath and generally wears a dusty cloak which might once have been white but is now tan from mud, dust, and wear. The cloak has a few patches in it where has been mended.


    Telic is a very likeable person, good natured and kindly. He is quite rash, and prone to leap into battle without considering the odds if someone's personal freedom is at stake. His time on the road has left him with a large collection of stories which he brings out at the slightest provocation. Underneath his laughing exterior however, Telic is devoted to the cause of liberation, willing to fling himself headlong into any situation to rescue people. His chaotic nature has occasionally gotten him into trouble with the Guard, but rarely on any serious offence.


    Telic's parents were never known to him, as his mother, too poor to support him, left him on the doorstep of a temple of Olidamarra. Raised in the company of such people, Telic developed an intense devotion to the cause of freedom. Being raised in a temple (however undevout it might seem at times) left him with profound religious convictions, and so rather than becoming a more "traditional" disciple of Olidamarra (read: rogue), he decided to devote his life to the ideals of freedom through a more holy path, and took up a sword as a liberator.

    When he was 17, after having been on the road "fighting the good fight" for about 2 years, he fell in with a group called "Daedalus," a wandering circus which served as cover for a group of anti-slavery fighters composed mainly of rogues. He worked with Daedalus for 7 years, ostesibly as a hostler and guard for the circus, in reality providing the muscle for some of their operations.

    Some trouble with the guard involving a death led the organization to temporarily break up, going a little lower profile for the time to avoid notice. Telic has taken up the life of a wandering musician since then as cover for his activities.
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    Inactive Character

    Sylinda Heartmantle of the Forest, in Isida's For the Greater Good.
    * ooc 1 [dnd] For the Greater Good.
    * ic 1 [dnd] For the Greater Good
    * ic 2 [dnd] Exalted Deeds Versus Vile Darkness
    Note: Sylinda is a Human Female Swanmay. I'm not exactly sure what that is, some form of Druid PrC. She was an abandoned shell (Salthorae). Playing a spell caster at this level has been interesting. I would really like to try taking her as a low level druid and running from it there.

    The final confrontation was inconclusive.

    Sylinda Heartmantle, female human Druid 5 /Swanmay 7
    Sylinda Heartmantle
    Female Human Druid 5, Swanmay 7

    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Height: 5'3"
    Weight: 115 lb.
    Hair: Blond
    Eyes: Green Flecked with gold
    Deity: Elhonna

    Str: 12 (+1) [4 points]
    Dex: 12 (+1) [4 points]
    Con: 14 (+2) [6 points]
    Int: 16 (+3) [6 points, +2 ascetic]
    Wis: 18 (+4) [4 points, +2 4th/8th, +4 ascetic]
    Cha: 16 (+3) [8 points, +1 12th]

    Class and Racial Abilties:
    Animal Companion
    Woodland Stride
    Trackless step
    Resist Nature's lure
    Wild Shape (1/day)
    Speak with Animals, Speak with plants (CL 7, at will)
    Charm Monster (DC 18, 2/day)
    Charm Person (DC 15, 3/day)
    Shifting (swan form only, 4/day)
    Favored Enemy (Undead +1 Dam, Bluff, Listen, Sense Motive, Spot & Wilderness Lore)
    Wild Empathy (+2)
    Low-light vision
    Spell Resistence (19)
    AC bonuses: +8 armor, +1 natural armor, +2 deflection
    Endure Elements: -50 degrees to 140 degree w/o ill effects
    Exalted Strike: +2/good
    Sustenence: has no need for food or drink
    Greater Sustenence: does not need to breathe
    Resistance: +1 to all saves
    Mind Shielding (Imm. to detect thoughts, discern lies, and alignment detection)
    DR 5/magic

    Hit Dice: 5d8 + 7d8 +24
    HP: 98
    AC: 22 (+1 Dex, +8 armour [ascetic], +1 natural, +2 deflection)
    Init: +1 (+1 Dex)
    Speed: 30ft
    Armor Check Penalty: --

    Fortitude +12 (+16 vs disease & death effects) [+9 base, +2 Con, +1 ascetic]
    Reflex +5 [+3 base, +1 Dex, +1 ascetic]
    Will +11 [+6 base, +4 Wis, +1 ascetic]

    BAB: +8/+3
    Melee: +12/+7 (1d6+3/1d6+3, x2, quarterstaff)
    Melee: +12/+7 (1d4+3, 19-20x2, daggar)
    Ranged: +9/+4 (1d4+3, 19-20x2, 10 ft., daggar)

    Skills: [Druid 64 + Swanmay 56]
    Animal Empathy +15 [9 ranks, +4 Cha, +2 Swanmay]
    Concentration +9 [7 ranks, +2 Con]
    Craft (weaving) +5 [2 ranks, +3 Int]
    Diplomacy +7 [2 ranks, +3 Cha, +2 perfection [sacred vow]]
    Handle Animal +10 [5 ranks, +3 Cha, +2 Animal Empathy Syn]
    Heal +13 [7 ranks, +4 Wis, +2 Herbalist Syn]
    Hide +10 [9 ranks, +1 Dex]
    Intuite Direction +9 [5 ranks, +4 Wis]
    Knowledge (geography) +9 [6 ranks, +3 Int]
    Knowledge (nature) +13 [10 ranks, +3 Int]
    Listen +13 (+14 vs undead) [9 ranks, +4 Wis]
    Profession (herbalist) +11 [7 ranks, +4 Wis]
    Ride +4 [3 ranks, +1 Dex]
    Scry +11 [8 ranks, +3 Int]
    Search +6 [3 ranks, +3 int]
    Spellcraft +8 [5 ranks, +3 Int]
    Spot +13 (+14 vs undead) [9 ranks, +4 Wis]
    Swim +6 [5 ranks, +1 Str]
    Wilderness Lore +15 (+16 vs undead) [9 ranks, +4 Wis, +2 Intuit Direction Syn]

    Sacred Vow
    Vow of Poverty
    Scent (Ex)*
    Natural Spell
    Improved Flight
    Bonus Exalted Feats
    Exalted Companion
    Vow of Purity
    Nemesis (Favored Enemy - Undead)
    Nimbus of Light
    Holy Radience
    Intuitive Attack

    Common, Druidic, Sylvan, Elven, Celestial

    Spells per day:
    Level 0 (6): Create Water, Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Guidance, Mend, Purify Food and Drink.
    Level 1 (5+1): CLW, Hide From Animals, Entangle, Pass w/out Trace, Shillelagh, Shillelagh.
    Level 2 (4+1): Bulls Strength, Cats Grace, CSW, CSW, Flame Blade.
    Level 3 (4+1): Lightning Storm, Greater Magical Fang, Remove Disease, Neutralise Poison.
    Level 4 (3+1): CSW, Dispel magic, Flame Strike, Scry.
    Level 5 (2+1): Deathward, CCW.
    Level 6 (1): Mass Bulls Strength.

    Simple Tunic and breeches, boots, light cloak, quarterstaff, dagger, 3 vials holy water


    Wild Shape form: Cheetah Medium Animal; HD 12d8+24; hp 98; Init +4; Spd 50 ft.; AC 30 (+4 Dex, +6 natural, +8 ascetic, +2 deflection), touch 16, flat-footed 24; BAB +8/+3 (+12 Grapple); Attk +12/+7 melee (1d6+3, bite); SA Trip (+3); SQ Lowlight Vision, Scent, Sprint; AL NG; SV Fort +12, Ref +8, Will +11; Str 16, Dex 19, Con 15, Int 16, Wis 18, Cha 16; Skills and Feats: As per character + Alertness and Weapon Finess.

    Swanmay form: Swan Small Animal; HD 12d8+24; hp 98; Init +2; Spd 10 ft. fly 60 ft. (good); AC 29 (+1 size, +2 Dex, +6 natural, +8 ascetic, +2 deflection), touch 15, flat-footed 25; BAB +8/+3 (+7 Grapple) Attk +13/+8 melee (1d3-1, 2 slams) and +13/+8 melee (1d2-1, bite); SQ DR 5/cold iron, DR 5/magic; AL NG; SV Fort +3, Ref +5, Will +5; Str 8, Dex 15, Con 10, Int 16, Wis 18, Cha 16; Skills and Feats: As per character + Alertness.

    Companions and Cohorts:

    Exalted Companion: Male Celestial Awakened Hawk (Aeric)
    HD: 5d8 (27hp)
    Initiative: +4 (dex)
    Speed: 10', 60' fly (average)
    AC 20 (+2 size, +4 dex, +4 natural)
    Attacks: Claws +8 melee
    Damage: 1d4-2
    Face/Reach: 2 1/2' by 2 1/2'/0'
    SA: Smite Evil 1/day
    SQ: Evasion, Link, Share Spells
    Fort, +4, Ref +8, Will +3
    S7, D18, C10, I16, W14, Ch9
    Skills: Listen +8, Spot +8*
    Weapon Finesse (claws)
    Lang: Celestial, Common, Elven, Sylvan
    *+8 racial bonus to spot in daylight

    Cohort: Female Unicorn (Bellona) (8th level equivilent) [leadership feat]
    HD 4d10+20 (49hp)
    Initiative: +3 (dex)
    Speed: 60'
    AC: 18 (-1 size, +3 dex, +6 Natural)
    Attacks: Horn +11 melee, 2 hooves +3 melee
    Damage: Horn 1d8+8, Hoof 1d4+2
    Face/Reach: 5' by 10'/5' (10' w/ horn)
    SQ: magic circle against evil, spell-like abilities, immunities
    Saves: Fort +9, Ref +7, Will +6
    Abilities: S20, D17, C21, I10, W21, Ch24
    Skills: Animal Empathy +11, Listen +11, Move Silently +9, Spot +11, Survival +9*
    Feats: Alertness
    Alignment: CG
    Spell-Like: detect evil @ will (free action), 1/day Teleport w/out error w/in own forest.
    Immunities: poisons and charm/hold spells and abilites.

    *+3 competence bonus to checks w/n boundaries of own forest

    Sylinda is a pretty girl with beautiful golden locks and piercing green eyes. Her skin has a dark tan that seems to imply many days under the sun. She carries almost nothing with her, save a walking stick, a simple dagger, and three vials. All else is naught but the clothes on her back. There is also a hint of the fey about her, a glint in her eyes, the lightness of her step, nothing definable, but there is a sense that Sylinda has a connection with the wild and fey places of the world.

    Quick to laugh, Sylinda spends much of her time being amused at the world around her. She has a great love for and desire to preserve the natural world. She loves animals of all kind, and holds a special place in her heart for birds. She is a fierce combatant and wielder of spells on behalf of the natural world, seeking to defend it from those who would defile it. She especially abhors undead in all their forms as they are aberrations from the natural cycle.

    Sylinda's mother Kirlinda was a member of a secret group of druids sworn to protect the natural world from evil and aberration. This secretive group was made up only of female druids who bound themselves together through the shape of a swan. Never knowing her father, Sylinda was raised among these women when they gathered and alone by her mother when they were apart from the group. Her whole life has been one of nature and guarding nature from evil. Sylinda joined the druidic circle as soon as she was able and from there was able to serve the woodlands

    There came a day when the fight got the best of her mother, and she was lost in a battle against undead that Sylinda barely survived. Knocked unconscious and dragged from the battle by her mother's friends, Sylinda swore to strive against all manner of undead for the rest of her life. With this vow she was accepted into the secret order of her mother, in her mothers place. She then began her quests to slay undead within and surrounding the Blackpine forest.

    The only contact that she has with "civilized" humans are the occational traders and adventurers she encounters within the forests. An old companion of her mother's named Orshallan is her only contact in any city that she maintains. Her mother told Sylinda to seek him out and tell him if her mother ever passed on, and she did though it brought her much grief to recount the tale. Since then they have kept on amicable terms, Orshallan writes to check up on her, though how he manages to get messages to her in the midst of the forest continues to baffle Sylinda.

    In her travels she met and befriended a unicorn named Bellona. Only Sylinda having lived within the natural world her whole life does not realize the exceptional nature of this friendship. The accompany one another on their travels, except for the occational trip to the city, Bellona will not go there, and neither wouls Sylinda ask her to. The druidic council saw her remarkable friendship and granted her a grove and large protectorate within the Blackpine forest, hoping that the unicorn Bellona saw something within Sylinda that indicated greatness.
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    Inactive Character

    Ben Derrich, male human Mercenary Fly Boy in DralonXitz's SWd20 The Silent Trinity, a Star Wars D20 game.
    * OOC - Star Wars: The Silent Trinity (OOC)
    * RG - Star Wars: The Silent Trinity (RG)
    * IC - Star Wars: The Silent Trinity (IC)

    Note: Game Commenced 23 June 2004. Ghost Hack commenced 19 Nov 2004 (Page 29)
    Derrich is a human male Soldier 6, ex Imperial Tie fighter pilot, ex Rebal Infiltrator pilot, and mercenary. He was another abandoned shell (wizardneedsfood). I took over the character around page 15 of the IC thread. I also changed his name from Derrich Telein. I can't remember why.

    Den Derrich, male Human Soldier 6
    Human Male Soldier 6
    XP: 15,000

    ABILITIES: Str 16, Dex 18, Con 16, Int 16, Wis 15, Cha 12

    BAB/GRAPPLE: +6/+9
    WP/VP: 16/61 [6d10+18] * CURRENT WP/VP: 16/61
    SPEED: 10m
    INITIATIVE +4 [+4 dex]
    DEFENSE: 19 [b10, +4 dex, +5 class]
    * TOUCH: 19 * FLATFOOTED: 15 *
    SAVES: Fort +8 [b5], Ref +6 [b2], Will +2 [b2]

    Blaster Rifle (+10/+5, 3d8+3, x2, 45m, StunDC 19)
    * Rapid Shot (+8/+8/+5) * Multifire (+4/+4/+4/-1) *
    Hvy Blaster Pistol (+10/+5, 3d8+1, x2, 12m, StunDC 15)
    * Rapid Shot (+8/+8/+5) * Multifire (+4/+4/+4/-1) *
    Unarmed (+9/+4, 1d4+3, x2)

    Speak: Basic, Bith, Huttese, Sullustese.
    Read/Write: Basic, Bith, Huttese.


    QUALTIES: Human Traits.

    FEATS: WGP (Simple Weapons), WGP (Blaster Pistols), WGP (Blaster Rifles), WGP (Vibro Weapons), WGP (Heavy Weapons), AP (Light), Martial Arts, Point Blank Shot, Far Shot, Precise Shot, Rapid Shot, Skill Emphasis (pilot), Starship Operation (starfighter), Starship Operation (space transport)

    Computer Use +10 ............ [7 ranks, +3 int]
    Demolitions +8 .............. [5 ramks, +3 int]
    Diplomacy +4 ................ [3 ranks, +1 cha]
    Entertainment (base vee) +4 . [3 ranks, +1 cha]
    Hide +4 ..................... [3 ranks, +4 dex, -3 armour]
    Know (Imperial Military) +9 . [6 ranks, +3 int]
    Move Silently +4 ............ [3 ranks, +4 dex, -3 armour]
    Pilot +16 ................... [9 ranks, +4 dex, +3 feat]
    Prof (Military Officer) +10 . [6 ranks, +2 wis]
    Repair +10 .................. [7 ranks, +3 int]
    Treat Injury +8 ............. [6 ranks, +2 wis]
    Read/Write (Huttese)
    Speak (Huttese)

    mc +2 E-11 Blaster Rifle ............ 04.5 kg
    mc +1 DL-44 Hvy Blaster Pistol ...... 01.3 kg
    Combat Jumpsuit ..................... 08.0 kg
    Field Kit ........................... XX.X kg
    Commlink ............................ 00.1 kg
    Liquid Cable Dispenser .............. XX.X kg
    Medipacs x2 ......................... 02.4 kg
    Medikits x4 ......................... 04.0 kg
    Recording Rod ....................... XX.X kg
    Bass Vee ............................ XX.X kg
    Power Packs x10 ..................... 01.0 kg

    * Total Weight: ..................... 37.1 kg

    MAX WEIGHT: Lgt 40, Med 80, Hvy 120, Lift XXX, Push XXX
    * guestimate *

    MONEY: 125cr

    Age: 23 * Height: 1'78" * Weight: 83lb
    Eyes: Grey * Hair: Shaved * Skin: Fair

    Derrich is a fairly average looking human male. His features aren't horrible but again his appearance is nothing especially memorable. He has an athlete's build, broad shoulders with a narrow waist and lean but defined musculature. His head and face are completely shaved to avoid the chance of entanglement in anything. His eyes are a piercing dark grey. He has a few scars on his lower back from a knife fight in his Academy days and a 119th Imperial TIE Wing insignia tattooed on the right side of his upper back. He keeps the tattoo in remembrance of where he came from. His short stature is good for a fighter pilot, being able to fit in the cramped cockpits of whatever he's currently flying.

    When expecting combat he wears his subdued combat jumpsuit modeled after the sneak suits worn by the Spec Force Infiltrators. Normally however he has a wide wardrobe of various and sundry outfits, usually consisting of loose pants and a variety of shirts. When necessary, he also has a suit or two for formal occasions.


    Born to a minor merchant family, Derrich spent much of his youth traveling around the Core in various transports. From a young age he showed a natural inclination for space flight, spending hours a day honing his skills in simulators of all kinds. This training paid off as he was accepted to the Imperial Pilot Academy. He graduated with honors and served shortly as an officer in a TIE squadron before the racist and heinous actions of the Empire became clear to him. Deserting as soon as he could, Derrich bounced around the Rim for a few months before making contact and joining the Rebels. He wanted to serve in the fighter ranks, but his higher ups ended up assigning him to an Infiltrator unit where he served as both pilot and the walking database on Imperial procedures.

    His unit was very successful for several missions until a sabotage run on an Imperial space station went bad. Three members of the squad had been compromised and turned traitor to the Imperial side, leaving Derrich and his Sullusten commander to fight for their lives an in attempt to escape the station. The commander died in the running firefight but Derrich managed to make it back to the ship they'd come in and using his piloting skills was able to escape.

    Upon returning to the Alliance though, the Rebel Intelligence didn't buy his story of being betrayed and arrested him on charges of betraying his team. Luckily, he was believed by a few other Rebels who managed to smuggle him out before he could be executed. Once again Derrich found himself alone on the Rim, working as a freelance mercenary and pilot, holding only that whatever work he did had to be detrimental to the Empire. For the past few months he has been waging his own private war, and recently finished up a smuggling job taking medical supplies to a Rebel cell. His employers dropped him off on Clak'Dor VII as he awaits his next move.
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