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UK Games Expo 2024

Convention UK Games Expo 2024

UK Games Expo 2024
The UK's largest hobby games convention in Birmingham, UK.
May 31st
UK Games Expo (UKGE) is the largest Tabletop Games Convention in the UK - where all aspects of the tabletop gaming hobby are represented under one roof. The next UK Games Expo will be from Friday 31st May to Sunday 2nd June 2024 at the NEC, Birmingham and Hilton Metropole Hotel.

The UK Games Expo is held at The National Exhibition Centre (NEC), North Ave, Marston Green, Birmingham B40 1NT

It is also held at the NEC Hilton Metropole Hotel, National Exhibition Centre, Pendigo Way, Marston Green, Birmingham B40 1PP

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UK Games Expo 2024
May 31 2024
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