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Sean Hillman

Sean Hillman

Burning Questions: Why Do DMs Limit Official WOTC Material?

In today’s Burning Question we discuss: In D&D, why do DMs limit spells, feats, races, books, etc. when they have been play-tested by Wizards of the Coast?

Thousand Year Old Vampire Arises on Kickstarter

Tim Hutchings is putting out a game about playing a Thousand Year Old Vampire called, ironically...

Lex Arcana Blew Past Its Kickstarter Goal: Here's Why

In our continuing coverage of the Second Edition of Lex Arcana that is currently on Kickstarter, I spoke with Andrea Angiolino, the Creative Director at Quality Games. Andrea was gracious enough to answer a few questions for us at EN World!

Diverse Voices: An Interview with Chris Spivey of Harlem Unbound

We are speaking with Chris Spivey of Darker Hue Studios. Chris was gracious enough to let us ask him a few questions about Harlem Unbound, Darker Hue Studios, and other projects Chris is working on.

DMs Guild DMs Guild Roundup: Unseen Waterdeep, Le Pas D’Armes, 100 Monster Hunts

Digging through the ruins of an ancient keep is dangerous and thirsty work. As all the fall ales start to come into fashion, we sat down to look at a few of the tomes retrieved from our latest adventure! Read on to see some of the gems we uncovered. And drink up, those ales aren’t cheap.

The Most Successful Italian RPG Launches on Kickstarter

Have you ever wondered what might have happened if the Roman Empire had not fallen? Have you ever imagined living in the Roman world, working for the Empire as an agent in distant lands? Well Lex Arcana, the most successful Italian role-playing game, has allowed players to do that for over two decades. With the announcement that there will be a Kickstarter for a second edition to Lex Arcana, EN World reached out to the folks at Quality Games to talk about this amazing game. Francesco Nepitello, one of the original designers of Lex Arcana, was gracious enough to answer a few questions for us. Here is the link to the Kickstarter.

Picking Up Degenesis: Rebirth Book 1, Primal Punk

I pick up the first book and hand it to my partner. “Look at this.” I say. Not, “check out the system” or “this is like this game, television show, or book.” No I just hand the book over and let her look at it. She begins turning the pages, looking through the art, and just feeling the heft of the book. I can tell that she is already hooked and when I ask her, she agrees that she is ready to try it.

DM's Guild Roundup: Eberron, Eberron, and More Eberron

Welcome to the DM's Guild Roundup! This issue we have three tomes that talk about Eberron, introducing new players to the fantastic world and welcoming back those who have been there before. Let's dust off these tomes and have a look inside.

DM's Guild Roundup: Wake the Leviathan, Summoner, and Modular Tile Set - Caverns

As the summer gets hotter, more and more folks are working on their summer campaigns and the need for more content increases. Everywhere there are goblins arming for war and liches sharpening their spell casting skills and hoarding spell components. To help out with these summer campaigns, we have three tasty treasures from the DM's Guild. Enjoy!

Journey To The Hopi

Welcome aboard our latest Journey To... a distant culture in Earth's past to examine how we might incorporate that culture into a broader gaming experience. Today we journey to the Hopi, a sovereign nation in the southwest United States. Today, the Hopi live on the Hopi Reservation lands in northern Arizona, though once, their lands stretched throughout the area known today as the Four Corners. Let's discover more about the Hopi.

Remembering Nexus: A Bridge Between History & Adventure

In the late 70s and early 80s there were a large number of magazines running around that talked about gaming in general and role playing games in particular. Of course most people are familiar with Dragon Magazine or the early White Dwarf, but I wonder how many remember the gem from Task Force Games that did as much to broaden my RPG horizons as either of those. That gem was Nexus Magazine and it began in 1982 talking about of all things, what is a role playing game.

May DMs Guild Roundup

Summer is almost here and that means the campaign season is among us. It is a time to prepare yourself for the coming trials that warm weather brings. In the pile of moldy tomes we have wrested from the hoards of dragons and eldritch fiends are three in particular that you may find of interest.

The March DMs Guild Roundup

The grizzled warrior sitting across from me squinted at me with his one good eye, I assume trying to size me up with his intuition. "Are you calling me a fossil?" The scars on his arms leered at me, looking as if their very history would reach out any moment and strike me. "Uh, no. I was asking if you have any tomes on dinosaurs?" I tried to swallow my whiskey with a confidence I wasn't feeling.

The Journey To...North America, Part Two

In writing these articles I have come to understand how many people are voiceless in the collective imaginary land that is role playing games. I hope that these articles make our hobby and industry a place where more people are welcomed and encouraged to become involved. Which brings me to North America, the part the second.

Travel Through The Mists Of Akuma And Into New Worlds For D&D 5E

Mists of Akuma may be the Meiji – Punk post-apocalypse RPG setting you never knew that you needed. The game enlists your character in the tragic tale that is Soburin, offering a dizzying array of possible cultural hooks to embrace.

February DMs Guild Roundup

Today we go looking through the bard's backpack while they are off wooing crowds and taking requests for lovebirds. Expecting a host of romantic pamphlets, we find instead a small collection of useful notes that make for a good read. Tricky those bards are, they probably took the saucy bits with them. Still, you won't be disappointed by this month's selection.

What Should Have Been A Holiday Look At The DMs Guild

Necva was dead, of that there was no doubt. I had recently watched him get full on ganked by some kids in a crumbling tower. Still, there he was in front of me, body parts missing, but with some e-books in his spellbook. "Look, you're late. You're a humbug. Review these for the people." When that ole' liche tells you to make the people happy, you don't ask why, you just do it. I grabbed his spell book and began to read. Welcome to what was supposed to be the holiday edition of DM Guild Roundup. No random grab bag this month, but a selection of three holiday pdfs for you to run your crew through.

The Journey To...North America, Part One

So here we are on the shores of my home, the continent of North America where I want to talk about the indigenous people here. As this series of articles has gone on, it has grown into more than a just a collection of alternative myths that you or I can utilize in our campaigns. As more than a few people have pointed out, these articles only scratch the tip of the iceberg in terms of getting to know people around the world, their personal mythologies, and how we might respectfully represent them in role playing games. We do our best to find good sources; it has been quite an education to be honest.

Dungeon Masters Guild Roundup: Random Loot

So you finally slew the Kobald Lich and her minions who have been harrying the kingdom for more than a year. Bloodied but satisfied you and your companions wander over to her pile of loot and start sifting through the valuables. You find a bag full of books; apparently Ashrital, Scourge of the North was a reader. Fortunately, so are you and your eyes alight with the possibility of what strange tomes may lie within. Welcome to the DMs Guild Round Up! There has been so much material created for the Dungeon Master's Guild since its inception, so we want to spotlight some of the great works being produced. Some days it will be Random Loot (like today) and some days it will be a theme. So let's get started and dip our hand into the hoard and see what tomes await.

Journey to...The Caribbean

Off the coast of the main American continents are a group of islands with their own cultures, histories, conflicts, and stories. Although influences from South America and eventually West Africa, Spain, and France wove their ways into the folklore of the Caribbean, the synthesis of these influences have created a beautiful and sometimes melancholy portrait of the native folk who call the islands home. Our focus will be on the original native cultures and their lives prior to European contact. As always we can offer only a glimpse into the true depth of these cultures, so I encourage you to do your own research.

Journey To...Mesoamerica

Mesoamerica was a profoundly important region and set of cultures that arose independently in the region stretching from central Mexico to northern Panama. The pre-colombian cultures created powerful civilizations that flourished for thousands of years. Study of the cities and monuments of these cultures suggests these civilizations were on par with those found in South America, Mesopotamia, Egypt, and China. There were many cultures that thrived in the region, including the Toltec, Mixtec, and Zapotec to name just three. However, we are going to look at three of the civilizations most familiar to modern society.

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