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Oozes: Problem or Solution?
The gooiest dungeons are the best dungeons.
List of Planestrider Archetypes
Planestrider's Journal contains 17 new subclasses.
A List of Planes in Planestrider's Journal
With 30 new planes, it's an entire cosmology for your 5E and A5E games!
Dwarves, Ogres, Magical Axes. Everything A Good Adventure Needs.
Head into the hills of Albia and lay siege to a fortress of evil!
D&D Adventurers League Service Rewards
The League incentivizes participation through a rewards system that acknowledges and compensates...
Looking Inside The Planestrider’s Journal
Here’s a quick look at the introduction penned by the intrepid Captain Cobalt of the Pirate’s Pride.
Planestrider's Journal: A New Cosmology for 5E & A5E!
Planar adventures, including 30 new planes, plus player options and a planespanning adventure!
Humblewood: A New Third-Party Setting on D&D Beyond
Explore a magical forest and play birdfolk!
The Making of Original Dungeons & Dragons: 1970-1977 Coming In June
Check out the cover of The Making of Original Dungeons & Dragons: 1970-1977, coming on June 18th!
Vecna: Eve of Ruin Coming May 21st!
Check out the covers--and alternate covers--of Vecna: Eve of Ruin, coming May 21st!
WotC Reveals The Confirmed Release Dates of 2024's D&D Slate
New product slate begins on May 21st and runs through February 2025.
Rebels On The Loose!
You don't need to be an expert to stage a revolution but having one around certainly helps.
Joe Manganiello: Dragonlance TV Show No Longer In Development
"Dragonlance is not a property WotC are interested in developing further currently."
They Explode, They Fling Things, They're Sticky
Also: fiery, loud, ghostly, and quick to drop a hex!
D&D 2024 Core Rulebooks: 'We'll Still Be Working On Them In May'
Reiterating that the accidentally announced May date was incorrect.
No, Hasbro Is Not Selling D&D
Might be negotiating video gaming licenses, but is not selling D&D to Chinese company Tencent.
Foundry Gets Official D&D Support
Joining Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, and WotC’s own VTT plans, the Foundry virtual tabletop is...
The Tavern Isn't Always Just The Tavern
Different planes are filled with all kinds of strange things—inns included.
D&D Beyond Releases 2023 Character Creation Data
Most popular character is still Bob the Human Fighter
WizKids Announced Details for 50th Anniversary Icons of the Realms Miniature Set
Images released and pre-orders opened for the line of pre-painted minis
Resolution Games and Wizards of the Coast Announce the First Official D&D Virtual Reality Game
Makers of the Demeo fantasy adventure game will create a new VR Dungeons & Dragons game

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