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Just a reminder as various Xocial Media places collapse around us, here are all the places you can find me and EN Publishing.
News and column categories, and a new server

This Week in TTRPG


A one-shot adventure which evokes the generational horror of Stephen King.
A beginner adventure written by comics writer Jim Zub.
An excellent introduction to the 40K universe.
Inject some grim OSR style wilderness mechanics into your favorite fantasy game.

Dungeons & Dragons

Book is near-final and includes psionic subclasses, and illustrations of named spell creators.
An innovative means for one of Allesund's wealthiest and most powerful families to inspire trust in their bank's customers might just be your big payday.
Cynidiceans, the werefoxes and polymars... oh my!
Monsters and NPCs from Eberron, Ravenloft, Dragonlance, and more!
Rise with me... for who can stop a god?
Exclusively on D&D Beyond for those who pre-ordered.

Industry News

After a disappointing 2023, latest earnings call from Hasbro shows tabletop games starting to recover.
Publisher of video games, Star Wars TTRPG, and owner of Middle Earth Enterprises restructures after turbulent year.
Twitter thinks there's a new WotC president who will give you a baby dragon.
Despite lower revenue, still says 2023 a “Golden Age for Gamers”
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