The Most Popular D&D Character Name Is "Bob"
  • The Most Popular D&D Character Name Is "Bob"

    What's the name of your D&D character? The folks at D&D Beyond have released some more stats, and this time they're sharing the top 15 D&D player character names.

    What these stats appear to tell us is that many people call their character "Bob", and even more seems to just use their class name, such as "Cleric" or "Bard". Lots of people seems to name their characters after Game of Thrones' Varys, but spell it differently, and lots like "dark" names like Ash, Raven, Ember, and Shadow.

    More realistically, it may be that many of these are simply experimental builds, with placeholder names. The folks at D&D Beyond (watch the stream here) say that these are the most popular names "for characters on D&D Beyond", although the other data elements shown on that stream were specific to material used from Xanathar's Guide to Everything.

    Numbers-wise, they're not saying those are all the characters on D&D Beyond - there will be thousands of names used which are used less than 755 times each, and possibly even thousands which are used just once. The table above only shows the top 15, and how often they were used.
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    1. Azzy's Avatar
      Azzy -
      Quote Originally Posted by Eltab View Post
      My new PC is named 'Phred'.

      I have his powers and stats and proficiencies done. I still need to get his equipment nailed down ... and come up with a real name.
      From what I've heard, there a few lists in the back of Xanathar's that may be of use to you....
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      Quote Originally Posted by Azzy View Post
      From what I've heard, there a few lists in the back of Xanathar's that may be of use to you....
      I've used those lists: they are fit to purpose.
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      I've never seen a character named Bob in play, but I once had a DM that used 'Bob' as the name for pretty much any NPC that wasn't important to the story.
      I think that was more of a Blackadder reference though.

      In a game I ran a couple of years back one of my players called his character 'Chlamydia' and while I don't really like joke names, everyone at the table seemed to enjoy it.
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