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    I was just thinking the other day, that a really slick move would be for Wizards to partner with a Chinese design company to create a distinctly Asian-oriented version of D&D. Not just translating the core books; I'm talking all new art and writing, a modified list of classes and spells and monsters and items, and of course, a default setting that resembles a mythical past more familiar to Asian cultures. It would basically be an all new RPG, not even called D&D, except maybe in the back-cover text and the foreword. The only restrictions would be that it has to be mechanically compatible with 5E, and the game can't redefine anything from D&D (for example, if there's a class called "fighter," it must be identical to the 5E version, but it could have different subclasses). It would be released in conjunction with video games, comic books, whatever else would work to penetrate the Asian market, particularly China. This sounds to me like a brilliant move for Hasbro, and the benefit to us, is that eventually this game's setting could be translated to other languages as a D&D supplement.
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    There's no one supplement that I'd like brought back. I want some of the old 1e and BXCMI monsters back, so there's that. I'd also like some of the races and spells from OA back, as well as some options from Al Qadim and other non-Eurocentric game supplements. Some psionic classes/subclasses via the Expanded Psionics Handbook would be spiffy, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shiroiken View Post
    I'd like to see something like this, but more like the 2E Faiths and Avatars book from Realms. Rather than using real world pantheons, they could use the existing pantheons from their various settings, and provide details on how to use each priesthood. It could provide suggestions for domains for clerics, circles for druids, oaths for paladins, and even which might have zealot barbarians or rangers.
    I would like both personally, the setting gods and the ones from the 1e version.

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    I will still go with none. I can hack Deities and Demigods. And I can hack my own updated version of all the city state judges guilds modules. But If they were under $20 I would buy them.

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    Setting books are probably my "bring back" of choice. I'd like to see an updated setting book for dragonlance and dark sun, maybe something for forgotten realms and planescape.

    I probably wouldn't want a deities and demigods because I don't really like having gods floating around for the players to go kill and any avatars I can just make as needed without feeling like I'm restricted to a representative avatar (like, sometimes the god of the sun manifests as a high level cleric, other times as a paladin, other times as an ancient gold dragon). I also don't really need information on the various churches because I have that already from all of the 2e material I have. Having said that, I know that I would buy a deities and demigods if it came out because I wouldn't be able to help myself.
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    I remember liking the Encyclopedia Magica, all 4 volumes in the fake leather binding. It would make a good magic book if they updated and got rid of the similar copies of items.
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    A book on psionics. I don't know if I have any other "I want it now".
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    Like others, I wouldn't mind a Greyhawk settings book and psionics as well. I wouldn't care for Deities & Demigods because I can use my 1E version and if the players ever face a god, they will lose if they try to fight it. Period.

    What I would LOVE is a historically accurate (do your research WotC instead!) Arms and Equipment Guide, focusing on greater variety for flavor in different campaign settings.
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    I would love to have the 4e character builder solely for the monster/encounter creator. You could level up or down creatures and it would adjust EVERYTHING.
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    • Manual of the Planes
    • Arms and Equipment / Stronghold Builders (and throw in Weapons of Legacy)
    • Psionics
    • Book of Challenges / Dungeon Delve
    • Epic Level Handbook + Elder Evils
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