What previous supplements would you like to see brought back for 5e?


These have all been mentioned by other posters, but I thought I would throw my 2 cents in, just in case anyone is paying attention. In no particular order:

Arms and Equipment
Oriental Adventures
Spell Compendium

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I'd really like a new version of the DMG II from 4e. It had a lot of really useful tools for storytelling, skill challenges, encounter building, customizing monsters, ... It even had a 20 page description of Sigil thrown in there for good measure.


You are wrong. You never need to be online to start the program or access your content. You do need to be online in 2 cases only; 1) when players are joining you from remote locations (i.e. using the internet), 2) if you have players local to your network that are connecting to your game and you use an Ultimate license and the player does not have a license. But neither are those cases relevant to use case you outlined because those are VTT capabilities, not an offline character and campaign builder that you said you wanted.

Valid reason. And why it was one of the reasons I explicitly said was understandable. Not sure your price estimate is right, but FG is does cost more than "free" to do what you want.

Ok, if it is to you, fine. But given their are numerous offline map builders available (many free), I have no idea why a single tool that does both is so important to you, but if that's your requirement you'll have to wait for FGU (~December 2019) to have everything in one package.

You are now changing the goal posts so to speak. You stated digital format, now you are demanding a specific digital format. Are you going to keep adding requirements? You said "like" the CR CD, not identical to it. And by the way, I do have the Core Rules CD, but haven't had a need or desire to use it since I got FG.

Anyways, my point is that something "like" what you originally said you wanted exists. Is it identical? Nope!

According to FG, you do need to be online initially because it automatically checks license validation. That’s according to them on a forum discussion I read.

And when I say like CR, I mean I should be able to read, edit, and print books. Not that it HAS to be a .doc, but certainly more than being forced to read only through FG app. That’s a huge difference.

According to FG, you do need to be online initially because it automatically checks license validation. That’s according to them on a forum discussion I read.

And when I say like CR, I mean I should be able to read, edit, and print books. Not that it HAS to be a .doc, but certainly more than being forced to read only through FG app. That’s a huge difference.
If you don't actually quote your source not much more I can do than tell you your quote is wrong. Lots get said on the FG forum, just like this one, that is not accurate or can be taken out of context or misunderstood. So regardless of what you may have read elsewhere, what I said is accurate. And since I often use FG while I am offline (such as on a plane, or a car in the middle of BFE) to create character and campaign content I know it's correct in the context we are discussing.

Read, edit and print. Ok, now you have moved the goal posts again. Just remember, whatever digital file format you chose, you will have to use an app to view it. doc, pdf etc you can use more than one app to view, edit, print, FG you can only use FG to do those things. So yea you can read it. Edit? Yes, you can do that, BUT you can't edit the "official" copy, you have to use a single-click-0drag action to copy it and then you can edit it. Print, FG is not designed to print, but their recently was released a print tool that allows you to print (to PDF maybe?) your entire campaign (which can include copied and edited content.

FG is not going to do things like Word does, because it's not a word processor, but it has the capabilities you keep adding to your requirements (except currently mapping). But, maybe not realized in the way you want, or or as efficient etc. And those can be justifiable reasons not to select it. But again, to state you have no option when such an option exists is disingenuous. Now, to say their are no options that perform in the way you require or at a cost you require, that's fair.


I’m not shifting goal posts. Geez.... when I say I want a program like the old program X, that infers that I’d like it to have the same or comparable functionality and characteristics of X

FG doesn’t meet that in a few criteria, therefore, what I want (a package like CR), does not in fact exist. It’s like saying I want a car like my old ‘68 Camaro SS, and you saying, well, here’s this modern BMW 535 that exists that does what your car did. It has an engine, and wheels, and a windshield, and kinda sporty. Why don’t you like it; you must have something against BMWs to ignore it.

And I reply with “but it doesn’t have anywhere near the 350HP, the ease of working on a 427 crate engine, the wonderful deep throaty sound of the V8, nor a turboglide transmission.” Then you coming back with “You’re just shifting the goalpost.” 🤷‍♂️

I kinda wast to see a new version of the 3e Book of Exalted Deeds/Vile Darkness.

the lore could be some mad person thought that stapling them together would do something interesting.


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For me, it's a no brainer. I'd like to see a 5e version of the 2e Core Rules CD ROM. Obviously it doesn't need to be a CD ROM, but a program that you can use offline that:

DnDBeyond will soon have all of that functionality offline. THe app is fully offline usable, and will soon include character builder, and eventually include all the tools the website has. If you are willing to program things in yourself, it's also 100% free to use. You only have to pay to have access to the pre-programmed content, and you can get 10-25% off standard amazon prices for the content if you use the bundles and/or use promo codes.

I have no fond memories of any editions splat books. Well maybe the original 1e Deities and Demigods. Splat books create a power creep for the PCs that the monsters cannot keep up with. Its the main reason I am leaving Pathfinder. I will not be buying any splat books for 5e, or allowing my players to use them in my game.
I mean, the 5e supplements don't particularly add power to the PCs. There are a couple subclasses that are considered very strong on dnd forums, but in play they aren't actually any more powerful than other PCs.

I would love to have the 4e character builder solely for the monster/encounter creator. You could level up or down creatures and it would adjust EVERYTHING.
I really hope that DnDBeyond adds this functionality at some point. The encounter builder has potential, but it's nowhere near the 4e offline adventure tools.


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Oh yeah. I've mentioned that in previous threads, too!

My dream version of it would be a Monster Manual like product, where each entry was a dungeon room/area instead of a monster.

I'm not sure that would be exactly like Dungeon Delve, but it's a truly excellent idea. A book that's nothing but a huge list of a cool individual encounters, which would be ripped wholecloth into an adventure, or used as imagination fuel would be an amazing product.


Heretic of The Seventh Circle
Heroes of The Feywild

Races of Stone (and probably the others? maybe? IIRC Races of Stone was the only really really well written one) Love me some deep dives into cultures.

The Shadowfell: Gloomwraught and Beyond

I don't want any reprints of setting books, but I do want a Beestinger's Guide To The Multi-verse, that goes into all the published settings, talks about genre in DnD, talks about worldbuilding, and talks about how the worlds are or can be connected. Nerule lives in Greyhawk, but is dead in the world of The Nentir Vale. The Raven Queen is a mad godling that screws with the natural process of death for kicks in some worlds, but in better written worlds isn't anything like that, etc. Gnolls in some worlds are demonic rage-automotons, while in other worlds they are people. Stuff like that.


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I would dearly love to see The World of Mystara updated to 5th Edition. The whole deal: all 12 of the Gazetteers, plus all of the campaign expansion modules like CM1: Test of the Warlords and X1: The Isle of Dread.

Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition Starter Box

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