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Recent content by 6d6fireball

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    6d6 is 200% funded with 3 days to go

    Our Kickstarter is just £80 from its next stretch goal and it ends in just three days time. We've funded the new edition of the core rule book and four adventures. With the first three stretch goals we added more art plus another adventure and the bestiary for all backers. We will add yet...
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    [6d6 Fireball] First Open-Playtest PDF Released

    The PDF for the first winner of 6d6's Adventure Writing Competition has been released as part of the Open-Playtest. The 50 page, D&D 3.5 adventure is available for free from: The Sanctum of the Fiery Ladder This challanging adventure focuses on the activities of the cult of the Fiery Ladder...
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    6d6 Fireball Writing Competition

    The full details of the 6d6 Fireball Adventure Writing Competition are now live: Adventure Writing Competition The headlines are - Write D&D 3.5 or System Neutral adventure and send it in. We publish the best ones in a module and sell it 100% of the profits goes back to the published...
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    Write an Adventure - Make Money

    I love writing adventures and love the idea of doing it for a job but I could never break into that side of the business. Now I'm running a games company and I want to give people like me a chance to get published and make money. I can't tell you more at the moment because the full details of...