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Recent content by amnuxoll

  1. amnuxoll

    Just Like Cookies: It's Better when Homemade is the Norm Rather than the Exception

    I started to respond to this post in the Magic Marts thread but I think this idea deserves its own topic. ProfCirno has nailed it here. The best campaigns I've played have had few, if any, magic items drawn from the core game. They were rare and most came from the DM's imagination. But I...
  2. amnuxoll

    Skill Challenges: Please stop

    I've given skill challenges a good shake. I've run a lot of them, designed some goods ones and ultimately come to the conclusion that they are a poor idea. Actually, let me frank: Skill challenges are a black pimple on the ass of this game. Show me a "well run skill challenge" and I'll show...
  3. amnuxoll

    Ashes of Athas at DDXP

    I wasn't able to go to DDXP but I did get a chance to help playtest a little of the new Ashes of Athas campaign. Did anyone go and get a chance to play it. Likes? Dislikes? EDIT: Here's the campaign website: http://www.baldmangames.com/aoamain
  4. amnuxoll

    Best Alternative for D&D Miniatures?

    I, for one, am disappointed to see the D&D Miniatures line cancelled. I'd like to pick your collective brains about the best alternative for me. Things I like (in priority order): for medieval fantasy RPGs 3D! I'm completely turned off by the cardboard discs that WotC is peddling now...
  5. amnuxoll

    Best edition for new players: pick any two

    I know I'm getting dangerously close to an edition war but I've seen this point made in a couple different threads that many people accept and I don't agree with: "4e is a good game for new players" While I agree that we need this game to appeal to new players (especially younger players!)...
  6. amnuxoll

    D&D 3E/3.5 What do you ban? (3.5)

    It's been a while since I ran a 3.5e game. My approach was to require approval for anything outside of the core rulebooks, but I usually ok'd any requests for such. I nerfed these feats: Power Attack, Spirited Charge I banned or nerfed these spells: glitterdust, grease, entangle, black...
  7. amnuxoll

    Introducing Enlightened Grognard

    Does this sound familiar? "I prefer Pathfinder, but the majority of players in my group want to play 4e." "I really like some of the 4e game mechanics, but I feel like 4e characters are all the same." "Trailblazer was a good start, but I wish they'd done something about the complexity. It...
  8. amnuxoll

    random tidbit

    I posted this to my campaign mailing list today. Does it make you want to play or bore you? [WARNING: mild spoilers for the PF Kingmaker campaign.] :AMN: When a criminal really wants to get lost, she heads to the swamp. The ever changing terrain and dangerous wildlife means that even the...
  9. amnuxoll

    The Pinnacle of your Collection

    Whether you started playing D&D last month or last century, all gamers have a collection of RPG Stuff [tm] that is filling a shelf or ten somewhere. My question is, of your entire horde what is the one item that you prize the most? My pinnacle: I have every print issue of Dungeon magazine. I...
  10. amnuxoll

    Enlightened Grognard: One attack roll for area of effect

    One of my aims is to reduce the amount of dice rolling that a player does on their turn. A place where this comes up is making an area of effect attack (usually with a spell). One damage roll (as per 4e) is a good idea. I'd ideally like to make only one attack roll as well rather than a...
  11. amnuxoll

    What are the Realistic Limitations of the OGL?

    So, according to the OGL, I can freely copy and distribute material that is under that license. So, what happens if, for example, I take the Pathfinder ruleset (or any other OGL game) , copy all of the text into a document and resell that document as the "Wayfinder" rule system? (Important...
  12. amnuxoll

    Enlightened Grognard: Poisons

    So, I'm considering the mechanics for poison in D&D 3.5. The current approach requires that players remember the secondary effects that kick in a minute later and, in my experience, this is often forgotten. The 4e approach of just making poison another type of damage seems weak to me and...
  13. amnuxoll

    The Trouble with Divinations

    I've heard complaints in the past that the D&D 3.5 divination spells can ruin a campaign (or at least an adventure). While I certainly agree that detect evil and detect magic can spoil surprises are there other instances where a divination spell other than those two has harmed the story...or at...
  14. amnuxoll

    Enlightened Grognard: Reducing the Skill List

    If you're one of the majority of folks who think that the skill system in 3.5e has too many skills, I'd like your input on what changes you think are good ones to reduce the number of skills in the game. Thanks, :AMN:
  15. amnuxoll

    Avoiding Temporary Modifiers

    A common issue with fantasy RPGs is remembering temporary bonuses and penalties. For example, having a "-2 to attacks, saves and skills for 4 rounds" is easy to say but, in practice, it's difficult for people to keep track. Some players have found semi-effective ways to deal with this. (The...