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Recent content by basaipete

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    D&D General Art that exemplifies D&D to you.

    D'oh. Good catch. To make up for it I will now include an actual Dee piece...
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    D&D General Art that exemplifies D&D to you.

    Elmore defined D&D art for an entire generation. Jeff Dee also had a distinctive style that I always enjoyed.
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    D&D 5E In your Years of Gaming, How many Psionic Characters did you See played

    I made a deal with my players, they didnt play psionic classes/characters and I didnt use psionic bad guys (with the exception of mind flayers as they have always had mechanics that worked without the full psionic ecosystem). That kept psionics at bay for all but two campaigns over the last 32...
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    What are your favorite (and least favorite) Star Wars sequences or scenes?

    Best: The lightsaber battle between Luke and Vader in Cloud City. Luke never had a chance but his determination and commitment in a doomed situation is great. - ESB The Luke, Vader, Emperor confrontation. The payoff that makes 3 movies into one great story. - ROTJ The Asteroid Chase...
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    Greyhawk Collector's Guide

    Great list! I was always a fan of the Greyhawk setting and it was definitely a walk down memory lane to review this list. The only error that I could see though was that X1 is not set in Greyhawk. It is set in Mystara.
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    Atlanta FLGS?

    I am visiting Atlanta, GA for the week and was looking for any suggestions on good/cool/interesting FLGS. I am staying just off of exit 260 on I-75 but I have time to kill so I dont mind driving a bit. If suggestions could include an address (for mapquest) or phone number that would be great...
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    Blind Swordsman - need help designing

    I am working on a new character concept and I am throwing this out for all you you learned folks to help me flesh out the technical details. My basic concept is an elf fighter who was part of a school of swordmasters. His school is attacked and wiped out and he is blinded and left for dead...
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    Variant Toughness Feat(s)

    My players and I have been pretty disappointed with the Toughness feat (and its sucessor feats, Dwarf's Toughness, Giant's Toughness, and Dragon's Toughness). I have a player who, even though he would have been perfect for the Dwarven Defender PrC, decided not to pursue it as he conisdered...