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    Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa

    Dear Karl Green, Krug, taitzu52, Devyn, DrunkenMonkey, Slippshade, Bobitron, Patlin, Elocin, ShaggySpellsword, This is a most sincere apology for running out on my games with no explanation back in January. I was having a hard time in my personal life and pretty much cut everyone out. Sadly...
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    [Eberron] Queen with Burning Eyes

    Skerrik's ears fold back flat against his head and his eyes grow wide with fear at the Shifter's threat. He holds up his hands in a concillatory gesture, "You'll have no trouble from me, sir, I can tell you that. How could I possibly hurt you, a mighty warrior? Even the others of my kind have...
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    [IK] Corvis U. Discreet Investigation & Retrieval Union: Last DM Post 1/8 14:45 EST

    Edrea slips the goggles off of her face, letting them fall around her slender neck. "It is not just any Khadoran, Mr. Baylentis," she remarks. "Sargov Cromme, who is the focus of this book, is a Khard hero. A statue of him can be found in the city of Korsk, his left foot poised on the massive...
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    [IK] Corvis U. Discreet Investigation & Retrieval Union: Last DM Post 1/8 14:45 EST

    Yes, you can assume that all of you know everything that was stated in the introduction.
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    League of Extraordinary (calling all players ;))

    Sorry it's taking me so long to get this character together. I'm working on it! :) While I'm on the subject, would you allow me the following feat? It's from Malhavoc Press' "Hyperconscious: Explorations in psionics". Durable Construct [Psionic] Astral constructs serve you longer than...
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    Return of the Slavelords, Part 2 - "Bright City, Dark Hearts"

    Nadaria bet Meslahan, Bakluna Mnk/Clr Nadaria seems to waken from a trance she has been in for the past few days, clearing the cobwebs from her mind. "Perhaps it might be wise to see what there is to be seen at Weed Rocks? It might give us more clues as to exactly who we are facing here...
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    Greyhawk Return of the Slave Lords - Part 2 [Full again]

    Hi, I finally made the changes to Nadaria's feats. Here's the new version: Nadaria bet Meslahan, Female Human (Bakluni) Mnk5/Cl1: CR 6: Medium Humanoid (human); HD 5d8+5 plus 1d8+1; hp 44; Init +3, Spd 50 ft.; AC 20, touch 18, flat-footed 17; Base Atk +3; Grp +5; Atk +5 melee (1d8+2, unarmed...
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    [IK] Corvis U. Discreet Investigation & Retrieval Union: Last DM Post 1/8 14:45 EST

    Edrea Lloryrr moves closer to the tableEdrea Lloryrr moves closer to the table and takes off her greatcoat to get comfortable, draping it over her chair. Underneath she is wearing dirty street clothes which seem to have seen heavy use recently. For a moment she looks at her appearance and...
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    [Eberron] Queen with Burning Eyes

    Skerrik's long, pointed ears immediately perk up when he hears the mention of coin and he sidles over to Saric, tugging on his waistcoat. “Oh yes, yes indeed, kind sirs, I can be most helpful! What would you like to know? Noble gents like you are probably looking for treasure and adventure...
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    [Eberron] Queen with Burning Eyes

    You remember the directions given to you by the bugbear bouncers in the Bucket and see the two largest forges on the far side of the cavern from where you are now standing. A large tunnel, at least 25 wide and with rail tracks running along its left side, is situated between them. While you...
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    [IK] Corvis U. Discreet Investigation & Retrieval Union: Last DM Post 1/8 14:45 EST

    Passing through the nighttime darkness of the Eastern Corvis, you eventually make your way over countless bridges to the closed gates of the University. A quick ring of the night bell brings the Sigbert, the porter who glances at you momentarily through the porthole before letting you through...
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    [Eberron] Queen with Burning Eyes

    You are surprised at how quickly the levitation platform descends into the dark, sulfer-tinged darkness below. The glow of the magical columns casts you and the tunnel walls which rush by you in an eerie, orange glow. As your ears begin to pop, you suddenly emerge from the vertical shaft and...
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    [IK] The Corvis University Discreet Investigation and Retrieval Union (OOC)

    I'm back home, but picked up a bad cold while I was out of town (lousy time for it.) I hope to be posting again in a few days. I'll be back!!!!
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    Company of the Bitter Blade, Reborn! OOC Thread

    I'm sorry to say that I came down with a bad cold while out of town. Hopefully I'll be back in a few days! Sorry, guys, I'm still very into this game, and don't want you to think that I've run out of steam.