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  1. crazy_monkey1956

    Where'd the Collector's Guides go?

    Apologies if I missed a notification - are some of the wiki pages being worked on or something? Echohawk's Collector's Guides seemed to have poofed. Thanks in advance.
  2. crazy_monkey1956

    Echohawk's Collector's Guides Index

    Editions Miscellaneous D&D - includes OD&D and other odds and ends; for BECMI, see Mystara in the settings section 1st Edition 2nd Edition 3rd Edition - includes 3.5 4th Edition D&D Next PDF Collector's Guide Settings Al-Qadim Birthright Blackmoor Dark Sun Dragonlance Eberron Forgotten...
  3. crazy_monkey1956

    Planescape Collector's Guide

    :cool: Still can't give you XP, dangit (guess I'm not very good at the whole "spreading XP around" thing).
  4. crazy_monkey1956

    Greyhawk Collector's Guide

    I've been combining them into a database for my own personal use (just the actual game books and novels, not the "living" stuff or oddball merchandise).
  5. crazy_monkey1956

    [Colorado Springs, CO] Looking for a couple of Dark Sun players

    I'm planning on starting up a D&D 4th Edition Dark Sun campaign for "grown ups" (ie, mature themes and exploring Dark Sun in all its brutal glory) in the new year. Our current group needs one or two more players for Sunday nights. Also note that I will be blogging about this campaign on the...
  6. crazy_monkey1956

    Who should play game designers in a movie?

    Exhibit A: The Actor Exhibit B: The Role (fourth one down) Anyone else? :D
  7. crazy_monkey1956

    Best Published Setting for "Sandbox" Campaign?

    First, I'm not terribly concerned with what edition the setting was or is published for, game mechanics are something of a secondary concern (though it should preferably be something published for any edition of D&D or Pathfinder). What published setting is best for just dumping the PCs into...
  8. crazy_monkey1956

    A Special Note to the Silvergard Players

    Amaury, Arkhandus, Ethandrew, Helfdan, Jemal, Shadowmask, Voda Vosa, and Yttermayn. What started with you and a little game called Tragedy at Silvergard has culminated, three and a half years later, in a job at a certain company of arcane magic-users located on the coast. So, thank you. :D...
  9. crazy_monkey1956

    Greyhawk Collector's Guide

    Wow. That's impressive. Under the category of Web Articles, you might consider... 3.5 Update of Tomb of Horrors Return to the Temple of the Frog There are other web-adventures on that page as well, though I'm unsure of their Greyhawkyness.
  10. crazy_monkey1956

    Planescape Collector's Guide

    No problemo. Thank you for doing these lists. :D If I may ask, which guide are you currently working on and which ones do you have planned further down the road?
  11. crazy_monkey1956

    Planescape Collector's Guide

    Sorry...one more minor nitpick... The Factol's Manifesto (June 1995) Uncaged: Faces of Sigil (March 1995) The Planewalker's Handbook (August 1996) On Hallowed Ground (September 1996) Based on the RPG-Geek link and its place in the list order, Uncaged: Faces of Sigil should be March 1996, I...
  12. crazy_monkey1956

    WIKI Al-Qadim Collector's Guide

    You are welcome. :D I'm putting together a list of all the game products and novels in order of release date for my own purposes and these guides are my primary resource. ;)
  13. crazy_monkey1956

    WIKI Al-Qadim Collector's Guide

    Minor nitpick... City of Delights has a release date of June 1996 listed, but its place in the list would seem to indicate that it was released June 1993. The RPG Geek link also indicates a release year of 1993 for this title.
  14. crazy_monkey1956

    New D&D Movie in the works?

    Dungeons & Dragons: The Book of Vile Darkness Has anyone heard anything else about this?
  15. crazy_monkey1956

    Pathfinder 1E Pathfinder Campaign based on Babylon 5

    For those familiar with Babylon 5, I need some help casting a Pathfinder race/monster as the Shadows. I'm basing my campaign on the overall story arc of Babylon 5 and I need a bad guy to fill the role the Shadows played in the show. So far I have... Humans = Humans Elves = Religious Caste...