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    General Thoughts on Racial Classes?

    "Magic is rare" is something people say in the Forgotten Realms while flying and amplifying themselves with prestidigitation. Half the races have cantrips from birth. It's rare only in descriptions but in examples, extremely common. Medieval knowledge sharing also doesn't apply since people can...
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    General Thoughts on Racial Classes?

    That's sort of the point, bub. And one of the reasons why I dislike the practice in general. A world with racial limitations needs to be incredibly small and young to make sense. It needs to be assumed and reasonable that all dwarves are from the same place, and are only travelling in the...
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    General Thoughts on Racial Classes?

    I would include "dwarves not being raised outside the mountains" as isolation.
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    General Department and program ideas in a wizard academy

    Enchantment and Morality. Conjuration Ethics. Necrotic Rights Studies.
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    General Thoughts on Racial Classes?

    To sum up, it seems the general consensus is that limits in official core rules are bad, but should be encouraged in setting books, or in your own settings, if it helps the story or leads players in a direction. Isolation is also necessary if you want it to make sense, so places like the Sword...
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    General Thoughts on Racial Classes?

    After the rumor milling about Icewind Dale, I booted up the old game and was a bit disappointed to be reminded of racial limitations for classes. I understand it, and I think it particularly makes sense in a finite setting (FR, I believe is a bad example since the world is so large and races so...
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    5E Point Buy system for weapon proficiency or something.

    This can also be achieved with flavoring. One of my characters is shooting a shortbow, but we describe it as a blowgun, since it fits his character's aesthetic. He doesn't have proficiency in the real blowgun, but that also does very low damage, so why not just use a shortbow stats and call it...
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    5E Point Buy system for weapon proficiency or something.

    I think armor would be more worth the points. If we're talking 25 out of 27 point-buy, I'd let a barbarian have access to Heavy Armor. I would let players lose a skill for weapon proficiencies. Potentially, I'd allow them to swap out background tool proficiencies for a weapon if it made sense...
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    5E "Houndmaster" Fighter

    If you want to stick with a single hound, I'd look at the features a Cavalier gets and change them from riding to being adjacent to the dog. Charge/trample could be grapples by the dog giving advantage to the fighter. I think the ranger is unsatisfactory to transition to the fighter. The...
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    5E "Houndmaster" Fighter

    Instead of feats/backgrounds... For a subclass, the dog (which is effectively equipment) needs to be the focus. I would wager a historical houndmaster had several hounds trained for war, as they are kind of expendable. So I would steer away from training tricks or the ranger's wolf. Instead...
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    General Non-European Campaigns?

    I ran 2 Greek campaigns (still European, but you know) in 3.5. It went okay, but ran into a weird issue with monsters. For some reason, it's fine for a sphinx and a chimera to show up in your mostly-northern-european campaign, but when you focus on Greece your list gets small and takes a lot of...
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    5E Would you let your player choose their magic items they get?

    None of my players look at the lists in the DMG. Any of my players who are veterans, I usually make new magical items designed for their character. I've been in a 3 PC run of Phandelver and boy - getting a staff none of the party can use, or a plus 1 longsword where only one character is...
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    5E Best video showing what D&D is?

    Runesmith and DavvyChappy both probably have something like this. Both of them produce videos around the 10 minute mark for length. Might not be comprehensive, but certainly more digestible than a Critical Role stream.
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    General Is it legal to scan books I own in hardcover to use on my iPad?

    The advice here is plenty - it's probably legal, and if it isn't, no one would care enough to hit you with it. Not sure, but since SRDs are incomplete and have all the same information (i.e., all SRDs will list the Orb of Dragonkind as their only example of an artifact) I'd reckon that SRDs...
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    5E Adding multiclass feats to prevent cheesy level dips and help true dual class level splits.

    Sorry about that, totally glazed over it. In that case, I think this is a reasonable solution to the overwhelming sacrifices that multiclassing needs.