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    5E Magic Intiative Feat question

    Find Familiar is a solid choice for any character (especially if your Dm is using flanking rules). The ability to use touch spels through your familiar is good for bard or arcane trickster (cure wounds at range if your familiar doesnt get fragged)... I try to work magic initiate in all my...
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    General D&D Movie Moves Forward With Deal With Former Marvel Exec Jeremy Latcham

    Although the movie "Dungeons and Dragons" does have one of the most hilariously epic scenes: Damodar's Turn: stabs and kills Snails Ridley's turn is up: Decides to use action(s) to drop prone and scream in agony...
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    5E Who Would Dominate the Multiverse?

    In terms of the claim that there are infinitely many different possible universes; where in at least one, every race has conquered... lets talk about JUST ONE OF the 5e universes (lets say Greyhawk)... In terms of the point that no one kid of creature could take over another plane (the native...
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    5E Who Would Dominate the Multiverse?

    What race/kind of creature do you think would win out at the end of the day? Lets say all the Gods leave/die blood war comes to a halt and the planes go to end-war. Which creatures do you think are stated out with moves/powers that would give them the edge to dominate the multiverse and why (I...
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    Worlds of Design: Rolls vs. Points in Character Building

    Point Buy/Deterministic: More Control over result. Fairer.
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    5E Swiftstride Shifter reaction trigger

    Hmm the change of wording seems to indicate that the designers intentionally made it so it can trigger at the end of your own turn. Maybe in the playtest or somthing someone complained that it is odd that a shifter cant use that movement on their turn (if it supposed to simuate super speed...
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    5E 5e "Anyspell," Would You Allow the Enclosed Spell?

    Why? That would be a houserule I mean the ability plainly states what it does and you can trigger it as RAW (unless I am not seeing something your seeing; I quoted the ability verbatim). EDIT: A PC both (i) counts as a creature and (ii) is within 5ft of itself. So, I mean it would be reading...
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    5E 5e "Anyspell," Would You Allow the Enclosed Spell?

    Oh yeah I meant if we generalize the condition we get something like "When a creature ends its turn within X ft" and that is farily open ended and I more o meant that these kind of conditions more general than "creatur e cast a spell" also and maybe more importantly you yourself would satisfy...
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    5E 5e "Anyspell," Would You Allow the Enclosed Spell?

    I dont want to beat a dead thread but while preusing some boos I ran into a rules precedence for open ended reaction trigger mehancis.. wanted to know what you thought; Shifter class feature in "Eberron: Rising from The Last War." Shifting Feature. While shifted you walking speed increases...
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    5E What would you like to see in 5e books?

    I wanna see my three favorite 3e splat books wrapped into one: Savage Species, Deities and Demigods and Epic Level Handbook.
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    5E 5e "Anyspell," Would You Allow the Enclosed Spell?

    This spell allowed an illusionist to take evocation and conjuration as their prohibited schools... 3.x had limited wih, anyspell, arcane matrix, pnemonic enchancer and some more I think...i dont think this is the paradigm of a balaned (and relevantly similar spell) as it served somewhat of a...
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    General What would imps use as a “guard dog”?

    Blink dogs, Infernal two-headed blink dogs (blink dog hellhoun hybrids)...
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    5E 5e "Anyspell," Would You Allow the Enclosed Spell?

    it is nice and simply worded, tempered in power (2 level lower is reaonable), and you must get 2 spells known (a cost to a sorc that is there but not too much of a cost)... I like it...
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    5E 5e "Anyspell," Would You Allow the Enclosed Spell?

    yeah and I get the feeling most replies at this point havent (very carefully at least) read thewhole thread (understandably). But it has been helpful to me and thanks you all...