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Recent content by Koewn

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    LAST CHANCE: Lairs & Encounters: Monster Lairs, Wilderness Rules, Monster Creation

    Autarch has launched a Kickstarter for Lairs & Encounters, a new supplement for Adventurer Conqueror King and other versions of the world's most popular role-playing game. You will receive: * More than 135 ready-to-play monstrous lairs. The lair listings are designed to be used both as dynamic...
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    Kickstarter [Kickstarter] The Sinister Stone of Sakkara

    Autarch, the creators of the Adventurer Conqueror King SYSTEM (ACKS) RPG has launched their first adventure module for the system, entitled 'The Sinister Stone of Sakkara'. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/autarch/the-sinister-stone-of-sakkara From the KS page: ---- The Sinister Stone of...
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    Domains At War: Gunpowder (Hey, Steampunkers! Early Modernists!)

    I am not an author, just a backer. Haven't posted in a long time, but a few things, including my kids being old enough to game, drew me back into the RPG world. Autarch's Domains At War is $700 away from adding Gunpowder and all that assorted goodness to its mass combat rules, with only 55...
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    Alternate Intimidate

    So, read some sword & sorcery (this, in fact, highly recommended: Swords And Dark Magic), plus rewatched the extended LotRs, starting to get myself back into the right mindset to run a game. This, about 1:17 in: Gandalf w/ Bilbo That's Intimidate using your Base Magic Bonus, which is now my...
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    Overclassed Multiclassing

    So! First post in about 6 years. The band's getting back together, and by that I mean the gaming group on hiatus once we all started having kids is now getting those kids in a room to play. Trying out Trailblazer! The parental units are resurrecting their characters from before, and I've got...
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    2E Legends & Lore; University Theology

    I work at a university, and my wife's been taking classes there this summer. She IM'd me middle of the day, and said she had a computational biologist lecturing her class. He'd just made a analogy comparing the randomness of a certain gene sequencing problem he works with to rolling dice, like...
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    Dragonborn: Large Kobolds

    Dragonborn: Large (noble?) Kobolds. Think about how that will work. Same undercurrent of evil as Tieflings, same possiblity of redemption during a PC career. (ignoring for now the metallic dragons, and keeping dragonborn merely as a medium-sized Kobold) In a world where dragons *are* more...
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    E6: The Game Inside D&D (new revision)

    Ry, I've proposed a one-shot to my group, we'll see how it goes over. E6 with a slightly simplified True Sorcery, in a couple months. They're about 10 1/2th level or so now. I'm going to whip up a bunch of pregens; and I'm wanting to present that same level of ability, in so much as it's...
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    E6: The Game Inside D&D (new revision)

    True, but much of the point of E6 is to go far beyond 6th without moving the general power level past "stupendous". On another note.... Ry, what do you think about little sub-chapters at the end of the E6 document describing either "how to" or "ramifications of" using other OGL systems with...
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    E6: The Game Inside D&D (new revision)

    I agree with that. Consider the Half-Orc as a Fighter. +2 STR -2 INT -2 CHA It would take 20,000 XP (both ability feats for INT/CHA) to bring that up to +0, and then another 10000 XP for STR: +4 STR +0 INT +0 CHA whereas the Human can only get +2 STR, ever, with 10k XP. (I'm ignoring the...
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    Oriental Adv. Kusari-Gama

    I'm hoping there's a statute of limitations on asking for something out of such an old book. Anyone have the stats on the Kusari-Gama from Oriental Adventures? It's the ball/sickle spiked-chain sort of thing? (double weapon without reach, single weapon with reach) I've gotten as far as this...
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    Hirelings of Advanced Level

    Are there any rules buried about for the expected payouts of hirelings of advanced levels? I'd assume the SRD's "Hireling, Trained . 3 sp/day" is meant for 1st level NPC classes. I'm looking more along the lines of NPC or PC classes scaled up through 5th level, perhaps. My first instinct is...
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    Design/Font change on Thread Page links?

    Did the design or font size or something on the "Pages" part of the thread (you know, where it lists Page 1,2,3,4,5... after the title and at the bottom of the page) change this weekend? It looks fine in a GUI browser; and the HTML source looks fine as well. It's no longer showing up on...
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    Stacking Blur and Mirror Image

    Seems a newbie question, but here we go: If Blur and Mirror Image stack, then how? Is each Mirror Image Blurred; giving it a 20% miss chance? Does each Mirror Image merely *look* Blurred (because the target of the spell is) and the 20% miss chance only come into play when the atual target is...
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    D&D 4E What Should 4e magic be like?

    True Sorcery. :) (It almost looks like d20 Star Wars Saga "Force Use" is going more in that direction already...)