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    LAST CHANCE: Lairs & Encounters: Monster Lairs, Wilderness Rules, Monster Creation

    Stretch goals have been reached - as a backer, you will also get a PDF of Guns Of War, a Renaissance warfare expansion for D&D that includes firearms and cannon, as well as compatibility with the mass battles rules of Domains At War.
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    LAST CHANCE: Lairs & Encounters: Monster Lairs, Wilderness Rules, Monster Creation

    The thing I usually mention in the same breath as the "14th level limit" is that ACKS is designed around a few fundamental economic decisions that add up to mean a 14th level character is capable of holding an empire of millions under his or her rule. Gold == XP == Level == Actual Power...
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    LAST CHANCE: Lairs & Encounters: Monster Lairs, Wilderness Rules, Monster Creation

    Autarch has launched a Kickstarter for Lairs & Encounters, a new supplement for Adventurer Conqueror King and other versions of the world's most popular role-playing game. You will receive: * More than 135 ready-to-play monstrous lairs. The lair listings are designed to be used both as dynamic...
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    Kickstarter [Kickstarter] The Sinister Stone of Sakkara

    Autarch, the creators of the Adventurer Conqueror King SYSTEM (ACKS) RPG has launched their first adventure module for the system, entitled 'The Sinister Stone of Sakkara'. From the KS page: ---- The Sinister Stone of...
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    Domains At War: Gunpowder (Hey, Steampunkers! Early Modernists!)

    I am not an author, just a backer. Haven't posted in a long time, but a few things, including my kids being old enough to game, drew me back into the RPG world. Autarch's Domains At War is $700 away from adding Gunpowder and all that assorted goodness to its mass combat rules, with only 55...
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    Alternate Intimidate

    So, read some sword & sorcery (this, in fact, highly recommended: Swords And Dark Magic), plus rewatched the extended LotRs, starting to get myself back into the right mindset to run a game. This, about 1:17 in: Gandalf w/ Bilbo That's Intimidate using your Base Magic Bonus, which is now my...
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    Overclassed Multiclassing

    OOooooooooooooooooh. I was reading BMB in the given class to have it's max spell level taken from the Base Spell Slots/Spells Readied table. (hence thinking a +3 BMB Cleric gets up to 2nd level spells, but that's only correct when it's really just a 3rd level Cleric without any other BMB...
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    Overclassed Multiclassing

    Sure. I'd meant that in the context of dropping Mystic Theurge, so he'd be getting the extra 'ready' slots from the actual Wizard class or the actual 'cast' slots from the sorcerer, and which one would best complement having the extra readied domain cleric spells (plus the cure readies)...
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    Overclassed Multiclassing

    Very much so, thank you. I think we'll have to look at Sorceror as well; since we're not tied to spells known anymore the extra (Sorc) slots may be more valuable than the extra Wizard readied spells, since he'll have a lot of choice from the cleric side as well.
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    Overclassed Multiclassing

    So! First post in about 6 years. The band's getting back together, and by that I mean the gaming group on hiatus once we all started having kids is now getting those kids in a room to play. Trying out Trailblazer! The parental units are resurrecting their characters from before, and I've got...
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    2E Legends & Lore; University Theology

    I work at a university, and my wife's been taking classes there this summer. She IM'd me middle of the day, and said she had a computational biologist lecturing her class. He'd just made a analogy comparing the randomness of a certain gene sequencing problem he works with to rolling dice, like...
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    Oots 636

    Hurm. I'd be curious who the three were really talking to at that point.
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    EN World Home Page

    No, mostly because of the same thing A. Malkov mentioned, plus I'm weird and read the site in a terminal using Lynx/Links. (it's the ultimate in boss/work-mode view)
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    How will PC's make money in your world

    No time for love, Dr. Jones! --- The acquisition of wealth is probably the primary quest of any of my players; we all have the old mindset of adventure=money=power=keep=country=king. That being said, the very *last* way they'd think of doing that is through some old boring Profession skill...
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    The Devil's in the Details: Slavicsek reveals the Pit Fiend in all its glory

    I reconciled it in my mind by changing it from "devil explodes; dies" to "devil violently plane shifts back to Hell; in his wake, some of the fires of that infernal plane blow back out onto the Prime". Like that flame out you get opening a door in a! That's the word I'm...