Alternate Intimidate


So, read some sword & sorcery (this, in fact, highly recommended: [ame=""]Swords And Dark Magic[/ame]), plus rewatched the extended LotRs, starting to get myself back into the right mindset to run a game.

This, about 1:17 in: [ame=""]Gandalf w/ Bilbo[/ame]

That's Intimidate using your Base Magic Bonus, which is now my favorite house rule I've ever thought up.


Haha, good stuff! Love that scene.

Not sure I'd allow a spellcaster to flat-out use their BMB to Intimidate. A archmage can still be smarmy and sniveling. The fact that he can turn you into a newt makes him a threat, not necessarily intimidating per se.

However, I can definitely see where you're going, and I think it's a good idea. In that scene specifically, Gandalf is probably using Intimidate but getting a bonus from some prestidigitation, especially since Bilbo is unfamiliar with magic. So in that case, I could see giving a circumstance bonus against targets unfamiliar or scared of magic.

Also, Gandalf is probably more of a sorcerer than a wizard, and pretty charismatic at that. :cool: