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    Kickstarter Kickstarter: The Penny Dreadfuls

    A few years ago we ran a successful Kickstarter for Memento Mori, a dark campaign setting designed for tabletop roleplaying. Memento Mori was made for those who enjoy the grit, the mud, the blood. It goes where High Fantasy often ignores. With inspiration taken from Victorian/Edwardian England...
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    Memento Mori: Ars Technica

    Memento Mori: Ars Technica - Luna Publishing | DriveThruRPG.com Stolen from the occult libraries of Skadova you hold in your hands a dreaded tome. Within its pages are the mechanics for running a Memento Mori campaign. Use it, at great risk, to navigate the world of Vaetia, or use pieces of its...
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    Kickstarter [ KICKSTARTER ][ 5E ] Memento Mori Campaign Setting

    Link to the Kickstarter - http://kck.st/2VPEWC3 Mori is the first project from Luna Publishing now live on Kickstarter. It is a campaign setting designed for the 5E ruleset, and will be published under the OGL license. Memento Mori takes inspiration from dark fantasy, victorian age, steampunk...