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    Swords & Sorceries Brings Ancient Myth to Dungeons & Dragons 5E

    Very cool! Looks like there's a 3rd level adventure available now too: The Tomb of Fire
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    Request: Help with a fun monster to give to a DM

    A DM I know says no matter how confident he is about other things he always gets the “jumblies” when it comes to DMing. When he said that it just made me want to stat out a fun monster I could share with him called a Jumblie but I’m not really good with monster design. I know it’s just a silly...
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    Ravnica: Broken Pact

    I just finished watching Episode 1: Enemy of the Guildpact in the Ravnica: Broken Pact series. It is the first episode of a planned 10-part series with plans to continue the story if the show is popular enough. The third episode will be broadcast live from TwitchCon. A Q&A also revealed more...
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    Possible Races & Classes of Ravnica?

    I finished the creature section of my project but I am still reading through any lore I can find. Once in a while I hit on something cool like an article about the Protean Hulk creature that really adds a lot of interesting details...
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    Possible Races & Classes of Ravnica?

    I didn’t know anything about Ravnica until the announcement so yesterday I started putting together a document so I could look at all the information in one place when I’m finished instead of looking all over online. I started reviewing the guilds and now I’m going through the cards. I’m already...
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    Tome of Horrors 5E

    Product information... View for more details